Saturday, February 28, 2015

So Much Supergirl Show News! Kreisberg and Winter! Leigh and Harewood! Slater and Cain!!!

It seems like almost every day, news about the Supergirl show is breaking. Thursday was something of a blockbuster day as announcements about talent behind and in front of the camera were announced. And the news continues to make this Supergirl fan smile as there hasn't been a clunker among them

Behind the camera, we from Newsarama learned that Andrew Kreisberg, no stranger to writing and producing comic characters, has signed on to be the executive producer of the show. And from ksitetvArrow, Flash, and Smallville director Glen Winter has signed on to direct the pilot of the show. I like the works of both of these guys so this makes me think that the behind the scenes work will be superb.

And then Deadline broke the big casting news. Chlyer Leigh will play Alex Danvers and David Harewood will play Hank Henshaw.

 Chyler Leigh has the right look for Alex as she has been described: Kara’s gorgeous, brilliant, science-minded foster sister. Growing up, Alex was partly jealous of her sibling yet also fascinated by her abilities, prompting Alex to learn as much as she could about alien anthropology, sociology and culture. Today, Alex works for a secret government organization and, alongside her heroic sis, will face many challenges, both mundane and super.

I didn't watch Grey's Anatomy, Leigh's biggest role to date, so will have to start searching the internet for scenes. But the buzz on line has been overwhelmingly positive. I was hoping for Alexandra Daddario but Leigh sounds great. 

David Harewood is another actor I haven't seen before. His biggest credits are Homeland and the short-lived Selfie. Despite not seeing him in action, every picture of him from Homeland oozes the character of Henshaw, described on the show as a onetime CIA agent who now runs the Department of Extra-Normal Operations, which tracks extraterrestrial threats on the planet Earth.

Both seem right on the money. Excellent casting again by the David Rapoport Agency!

And then this bombshell from yesterday on TVline:

Helen Slater and Dean Cain ... Supergirl and Superman ... will be in the Supergirl pilot!

Everything about this show is gold. It looks so good!


Anonymous said...

Is @geoffjohns an executive producer of the show? If so good atleast there is a comicbook writer to keep an eye on the production.

I am very excited of the show. Cant wait to see melissa in her costume

Gene said...

It seems this show is going to start off on all cylinders with as much awesomeness at once. Everything is sounding great so far.


Unknown said...

I just hope for a great costume.. I think a variation of the 'hot pants' from the 70s could be used, after all, the character was the 'oldest' when using that costume before her first re.boot for the 'daring adventures of SG' comics from the early 80s.

However, when I see 'Arrow', I think she'll have something similar to Black Canary.

Anonymous said...

Wow at thus point Helen Slater could start a sort of "Super Sorority" with herself as "Supreme Maid of Steel" and Vandervoort & Benoist as Exalted Adepts....charge dues, sell tchotchkes could be a whole thing I think,



Anonymous said...

Older sis´is a second wet dream come true for all of us males.
Gorgeous? she gushes like the Yellowstone geiser. Think we´ll be needing a cold shower before watching it (like all of us in 1979 with Charlie´s Angels)...w-hoa!!
Hank H. is purr-fect for tormenting (& kryptoniting) Ms. Benanti once in awhile...older, seasoned, wordly,misterious.-

Yes. Sounds too good to be true but you got to remember we´ve been in the desert for 40 years or something.
We´ve EARNED this.
Welcome home to California, NEW DC.-!!
No. Didio not welcome.

DAVID (our time begins this fall).

Anonymous said...


Dean Cain and Helen Slater in the pilot?! I think my brain just exploded... but in a good way!

I'm also curious what they plan to do with the costume as well. Obviously they want to do something "new," but next to the casting of
who would be Kara / Supergirl, the uniform's probably going to be the next-as-difficult / hot-button item of this series that's sure
to cause derision and division.