Saturday, February 7, 2015

Supergirl Canceled!

I am sort of burying the lede here but the title of this post is our ultimate destination. 

Two days ago, Geoff Johns announced that he was no longer going to be the writer on Superman moving forward. That was the opening salvo in a flurry of announcements by DC Comics as they once again reimagine their universe a mere 3 years after the New 52.

Newsarama had the actual DC Comics press release discussing the the new look and feel of the DCU. It is must reading in full. Here is the link:

And then some interesting blurbs:

BURBANK, Calif. (February 6, 2015) – This summer, DC Entertainment launches a bold new direction for the DC Universe (DCU) that is even more inclusive and accessible to a wider group of readers as the publisher continues to evolve comic storytelling for its next generation of fans. Award-winning, critically acclaimed writers are headlining the June 2015 slate of DC Comics’ new periodicals and graphic novels, including Gene Luen Yang, Bryan Hitch, Garth Ennis and Ming Doyle.

Breakout star, Brenden Fletcher, co-writer behind the all new, highly successful BATGIRL book will also be writing the new BLACK CANARY series launching in June. Fan favorites Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti will be the creative team on new titles STARFIRE and HARLEY QUINN/POWER GIRL and will continue to helm the perennially bestselling HARLEY QUINN.
“Beyond character and creators, the June slate will showcase different styles and approaches to storytelling as we add offbeat, irreverently funny titles such as BIZARRO, BAT-MITE and PREZ,” said Lee. “Truly there will be something for everybody as we simultaneously celebrate our rich legacy while embracing new voices and concepts.”

So there is a lot to like about this announcement. The DC Universe will be "inclusive and accessible." We get Gene Luen Yang on Superman which is very intriguing. Ming Doyle will write Constantine. Patch Zircher will draw Green Arrow. Black Canary gets a book by Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu. And Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner get to carve out a bigger chunk of fun including Power Girl/Harley!

The inclusion of books like Prez and Bat-Mite feels like the lesser known corners of the New 52 when DC gave ideas like Frankenstein and OMAC a shot.

But then the bad news. The complete list of titles from DC Comics.

And nowhere on that list is Supergirl.

Of the ongoing series, there are some interesting picks that survived the axe. Deathstroke goes on.  The New Suicide Squad continues. That despite both books having been canceled and retried already within the 3 years of the New 52.

Lobo goes on. Sinestro goes on.

But not Supergirl, a book selling 26K a month with a new and exciting direction. There wasn't even a 'Final Issue' blurb meaning we might not see the ending of what K. Perkins and Mike Johnson and Emanuela Lupacchino have planned. And that seems foolish as this book seems completely in line with what that first release discusses ... something for everyone. Supergirl has strong young female super-hero with a sci-fi wrinkle. It is fun and fast and beautiful and pretty deep. And the company had just redeemed the character!

There are a lot of interesting books coming out ... some of them sound great.

But no Supergirl.

I had a whirlwind of thoughts about this when I didn't see the title on the list.

1.We will be leaving this Supergirl in the middle of an arc, with no understanding of Crucible, etc.

2. This sounds so much like DC and their approach to Kara  ... two steps forward, one step back.

3. It seems I won't have a monthly Supergirl book to review here any more.

4. Watch them go dark again when they inevitable reboot her!

5. This will feel weird. There'll be no Super girl monthly for the first time in almost 10 years!

Look. This has been a very good decade for Supergirl fans. There have been some lows. But the highs have been high. In Comics, Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle started the party. We had Landry Walker and Eric Jones. James Peaty and Bernard Chang. Kelly Sue DeConnick and Chris Cross. Tony Bedard and Yildiray Cinar. K. Perkins, Mike Johnson, and Emanuela Lupacchino. In JLA, we had James Robinson, Mark Bagley, and Brett Booth. We had Jeff Lemire and Mike McKone. In Wednesday Comics, we had Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner. Bryan Q. Miller wrote her in Smallville as a mature hero.

We had Supergirl star in animated movies and shorts. We had her in Smallville. We will have her in her own show.

It has been a very good decade!

But there will be no Supergirl comic in June. And when I look at the lineup DC is putting out ... when I see books that already seem destined for cancellation ... when I think of Supergirl being a book that sold 26K a month ... when I think of how great the comic has been recently ... I just don't understand why.

And I am going to make a prediction here. I bet Supergirl completely disappears from comics for months. We won't see her. And then, as the show nears, we get a new Supergirl title. And somehow that Supergirl will be more aligned with the show's version ... slightly older, working, and living in the big city. That gap will be a soft reboot, where the changes in her can be explained away.

It is just a shame that the current book won't be here anymore.
Because I was finally reading the Supergirl I wanted to in this New 52 universe.


Anonymous said...

Told you I'd be looking forward to what you'd be writing Anj. You've set out a whirlwind of thoughts and feelings on your favourite character no longer having a solo series. And though DC seem to be making some improvements Post-Convergence, this cancellation seems to be one of the downsides. Supergirl had really improved for once in her characterisation, status quo and story direction thanks to this new creative team. And now it's ending incredibly abruptly, leaving us without the rest of the Superman Family. I miss the days of a mature Connor and a more optimistic Supergirl.

It also doesn't make sense honestly. Supergirl has just gotten a TV series with casting news still circulating. True it doesn't match the current comics but now would have been the time to promote Supergirl more than ever. Cancelling Supergirl now only to soft reboot her is an odd move.

I bet you're feeling rather down about this which makes me wish I'd bought Supergirl and supported it for what it's worth. I don't think Diamond take non USA sales into account but it would have been worth it considering how good the series was.

Louis Seymour

Anonymous said...

I'm bitterly disappointed and nonplussed as well, they canceled Supergirl (and her 26K sales which she has held onto despite all) to make room for..."Prez" a F-List DCU character if ever I heard one.
I'm GUESSING the DC'ss High Command wants to see how the TV series does before issuing a book that aligns with it creatively, but that means we would not see a Supergirl solo book until next year and that is contingent on the TV being a success!
Oh an another thing, does SG get dropped from Justice League United? Is she being abolished from continuity again until the TV ratings come in??
You see why I Distrust DC so much? Anyone else think we are getting screwed over? I've been giving DC my quarters and dollars for over forty years now and THIS is how they repay us.


Anonymous said...

If they make supergirl slightly older (prolly 2-4 yrs older) I wonder how they will explain it. A perfect Legion time travel explanation would be great ;).

- aligning comics to the tv show. There goes my hope of reboot similar to batgirl. I thought that's what digital tv-based comics are for haha. Like what arrow, flash and smallville separated from the comic canon. Unless they happened to also fixed up Flash/Green Arrow in the past to sync up with their shows. Did they?

- If it means the show will heavily influence the comic book, I'd really hope at least half of the tv series' writers are comic books writers.

- yeah I do agreed some of those new books are bound to be cancel by the end of the year. Then 4 mini series to end by Nov.

- Supergirl was selling better than some of the saved books such as lobo, green arrow, red hood, jld, jl3000, constantine, etc

SG Fan said...

I'm just bummed.

I got caught up with the latest issues and LOVED it. Kara being a leader, showing her caring side, willing to fight for her family. Also the Crucible was interesting and I took a real shining to Maxima and was looking forward to seeing if she and Supergirl became friends, foes, friendenemies?

Like one of the posters above I have no earthly idea why they would cancel her book right as the TV buzz is going. It just shows DC doesn't know its ass from its elbows. I hope they keep Kara ALIVE at least so she can appear in other books.

Sigh....thanks for nothing DC.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know whether this is going to help the mood but it is pretty much a fact of the matter about this soft reboot. And will probably make everyone who sees this even madder about Supergirl's cancellation.

Anyway, you remember our favourite hack of a Superman writer Scott Lobdell? Well his new series 'Doomed' is, and I quote according to Bleeding Cool "an intriguing teenage take on Doomsday, reinvented as a youngster in Doomed."

Let that sink in for a minute folks. The fierce, passionate and positive Supergirl's adventures at Crucible High is being cancelled. Whereas a stupid concept such as 'Teenage Doomsday' is launched instead. Just when I was giving DC praise, they remind me why I keep having trouble being a DC fan.

Louis Seymour

Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments.

I am amazed that some lower selling books got the nod to continue. Supergirl was never a big seller, but as pointed out, she was consistent. Readers stayed. 26k is good in this current comic world.

And yes, a reboot, a new book with the show is probably assured. But why sacrifice this book when it was doing well?

Dr. Thinker said...

If I was rich, I would sue DC Comics for unfairness to their characters!!!

Anonymous said...

I was a new reader who just started reading and buying comics when the New 52 launched, around that time, and Supergirl was one of the title's that I was most interested in! I started out with Bruce Timm's DCAU and not all of the comics aligned with my expectations of the characters, but I loved the new Supergirl, and I've been buying it since the start. This is super disappointing because it's been really hitting it's stride. As interested as I am in the TV show this seems very unnecessary. Arrow, Flash, etc., all get their own comics, not a reboot of an existing comic. This is so frustrating... But thanks for breaking the story Anj.

Gene said...

It is disappointing, but the fact that Supergirl is getting her own show softens the blow a bit. I hope Kate Perkins gets another chance to write more adventures for Kara.

I agree with you Anj that it has been an incredible decade for Supergirl.

Craig said...

I've felt sick since I first read about this. It makes me angry that one of the world's most iconic super heroes (one of the top household heroine names) is cancelled while other lower selling books get to keep going. It's obvious DC doesn't care about Kara, or any Supergirl for that matter. Despite Wonder Woman deserving of being cancelled for years on end, they wouldn't dare drop her, but Sgirl gets treated as if she's Brother Power the Geek ... oh wait, Morrison creates a Multiverse world with him on it, so even he gets better treatment. DC continues to showcase their contempt for customers/ fans.

I had someone reassure me that Supergirl will come back when the TV show does, to coincide it, but even if it's true, it indicates sexism as "Arrow" and The Flash haven't been cancelled and relaunched to fit with their TV ties.

To be fatalistic, this feels way too much like 1985 again. Cancel Kara's title and then if the movie/ TV series fails, we can write her out of continuity. (I know her death wasn't directly related to movie fail, but still ...) If the rehearsal scripts leaked are indicative of the actual script, added by Z-list villains and derivative Superman cast, I'm ... well, I shouldn't even put it out there.

As for wrapping things up, we didn't get that for Pre-Crisis Kara (other than her death, nor pre-Flashpoint; however, the last solicitation seemed to suggest that she might be facing death if she fails Crucible.

Lemire is off Justice League United, so there's no reason to think the cast won't change.

A teenage Doomsday? Really? Wow. Oh, also, so much for the new "Secret Six." Black Canary is seemingly a member of some band - seems kind of Spider-Gwen to me (and, don't get me started on Marvel's own COIE).

We get three versions of Supergirl in Convergence but maybe they'll all die? They are giving Mae her own title with it, while removing Sgirl's name off the "Adventures of Superman' - with a cover showcasing the artist has no idea about Kara's costume other than a headband - so maybe they plan on getting rid of a Kryptonian and replace her with SuperPepto-Bismol (I love Mae, I do, but she's no Kara). We get Kara Zor-El in the form of the mini of Harley Quinn/ Power Girl, but it's not enough (not to mention I'm sooo sick of seeing New52 Harley).

Having O.C.D. hasn't helped with my feelings about this news. As of June I'm prepared to never buy any comic books again. Today, I plan on taking down my Supergirl and Superman shrine - although it's too cold to get rid of my Superman blanket. :P I just equate too much sadness with my favourite fictional character. As for Superman, it's becoming the same ... I'm appalled by DC's move to have Kal to be depicted as an angry, raging, "cool enough to kill" "hero". When I think about Kal and Kara I'm just sad and I start regretting I ever "knew" them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that news, it becoming interesting the new arc gave to Supergirl this year, whats wrong with DC?

Anonymous said...

(Waits until the atomic cloud settles before offering his input):

People...will you all relax? Will you all brethe deep (one, two...)
and most imp. : WILL ALL OF YOU WAKE UP??

Jesus!! do you even live inside the planet where the rest of us reside?

1) The cancellation of the Johnson abomination (the worst since Joe Kelly) is the best that can happen to our girl. No more Isolated, hostile, traumatized loser from Russia (!) hiding with crack addict Siver banishee & loving a "michael" in a wheelchair.

2) I actually stooped picking up my SG copy in December, because I used to vomit (this is literal) after reading it.

3) Will you wake up to the fact the world´s biggest open TV network is preparing a multi-million live show of our girl, where DC cannot get its satanic paws into ???

Jesus! I´d go on, but let me see it dear ´ol Anj will or will not delete this one too...
If he doesn´t I´ll place part II later today....
DAVID (for those AWAKE : our time is beginning. Enjoy!)

Unknown said...

I think we will see anothet reboot to make her more inline with the t.v. Kara. I hope she is amazing!

Unknown said...

I think we will see anothet reboot to make her more inline with the t.v. Kara. I hope she is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hey David: bike shorts.

This book had really gotten good over the last year, and the new creative team was just nailing it issue after issue. Perkins, Johnson, Lupcacchino, and Hi-Fi were knocking it out of the park, I was actually excited to read the book again each month. It was great!

Now this? What, so we can have books about Bat-Mite, Bizarro, Prez, and an angsty teenage Doomsday written by Scott Lobdell? More Lobo, a book that only took three issues to drop to 20,000 in sales? Constantine, circling the drain at a sales level that normally gets other books cancelled? Justice League 3000, same story? Even Green Arrow, a book that has a television show running while its being published, can't sell better than 20,000 in December. All of these books have their fans, and I don't begrudge the books being there for them.

But I can't understand why Supergirl, a book that's selling better than those books and getting great reviews, is cancelled without any comment. And why when DC is pushing the notion that they're moving toward more diversity they're not bringing back a reasonably successful book about a woman, written and drawn by women.

I'm a little confused about the timing on this unless the entire point is to make us forget this version of Supergirl so they can give us a different one, more aligned with the mid-20's version that's being touted for the show. If that's the case then this just sucked the enthusiasm I was building up for the show.

And I just realized this morning that's what just happened. My enthusiasm for the TV show has dropped from "wow" to "meh." I didn't expect that to happen, but the comic is the foundation and the show is a plus.

All I can say is I hope DC takes the time to explain why they just did this.

Anj said...

Can't thank you all enough for the discussion.

Great pointing out that Flash/Arrow and even Constantine weren't cooled off so a book could be aligned with the show. In fact, Green Arrow was softly rebooted post-Lemire to be more Arrow-like.

I love hearing from so many of you saying how Supergirl was your entry into comics, or the keystone for you to be collecting. So cool to know Kara has her corps.

But this book, selling this well, with this new direction, being canceled ... its odd.

Martin Gray said...

Thanks so much for writing this, Anj. OK, it's only been a couple of days, and DC may have something in mind for Kara when the first cancellation wave comes in December or whatever. But 'logic' says we'll be getting a DC TV Comic Kara and that isn't what I want - not as the only offering on the stands.

May I tip my hat to your third poster for the genius Legion idea - that would be a great way to make Kara a bit older... but I don't want to miss years of our Kara's adventure, I want to watch her grow.

I wonder if we can somehow get DC to make a comment...

Anonymous said...

(decloaks) (uh-kay) part I still here.
Let me try again with a soft BLUE pill. Not the RED pill, satanist DC et al, I´ll be good.-

Hats off to Craig! He tells it like it is! In 1985, Harvard grad Jeannette KAHN pulled the plug on SG comix series three months BEFORE the Salkind´s flick. This alone should tipp off even the most brainwashed slave as to DC´s REAL Agenda...but...

Look: Has any of you actually done your homework about WHY, oh, why?? does DC hate our girl so much?? Do you enjoy living inside a riddle?? Here´s the nitty gritty:

1) "DC Comix" is moving next month to Burbank , Ca. They´ll probably have already kicked out hard Mr. Didio´s bald back by then. A generation of DC-√≠sts and their dark Agenda will go down the proverbial drain along with their desk stuff by june...when a new direction will be given to the outfit. You know, promote Geoff Johnns, whatever.
2) All of it is good news for SG and us. Once the CBS PR begins gushing this summer like a geyser we´ll get a Geoff Johnns approved SG title.
3) No. Not "24, working for Cat"...still 17. Still sex-y.
Probably something glorious like Ed Benes or other will grace the pages.
4) Why? Well. The old "DC hidden Agenda" will have passed on forever... the "New Agenda" will begin. You´d need the RED pill to get deeper. And my comment ´d be deleted in one sec. You´ll have to take it on faith, then.-
DAVID (Our time is beginning. This is the most glourious time to be a Supergirl fan ever!)

Anonymous said...

Reading SG was like getting whiplashed every four months. She is running away, she in love with an idiot, she has a nice place under water and it gets destroyed. Finally the Red Lanterns come around and they get blown up. This has been a mess of a story. Through it all Kara shined. Let's bury this mess and bring her back with respect. Kate Perkins you were great!

Jay said...

As I said in the Superman #38 thread, I'm really holding out hope that she's going to move on over and be a guest star/supporting character in Superman for a while. To me it makes tons of sense, since that book will be dealing with Jimmy knowing Clark is Superman for quite some time I'm sure, and if Kara is around, he'll surely find out about her as well. This makes sense to me because Jimmy is going to be a supporting character in the Supergirl show, and it'll be good cross-promotion to be developing a relationship of some type between the two in the comics in the lead up to the program. And by the time her show is about ready to go, hopefully she'll get her solo back.

The only negative I can think of with the above scenario is that Perkins still doesn't get to write her with regularity.

Anonymous said...

More part of my legion theory is:

- justice league united : legion currently guest stars and wrapped up before the convergence. Kara could have decided she wants to go with them.

- kara comes back late this year slightly older. Supergirl book reboot #1 does a little flashback at the beginner of kara arriving a month earlier living a normal life hidden.

- legion of super heroes reboot #1 (same time as supergirl) which about kara's advantures in the future with the legionares

Bartiemus said...

Why cancel Supergirl when they have her show launching? *sigh* I guess I will just have to wait for the re launch when the show starts up.

It's sad the only time the book had a 12 issue run when it was aloud to do its own thing was when the New 52 launched.

DC editorial need to pick a direction and stick to and give the writers the freedom they need to tell the tale without getting dragged into crossovers every 6 months.

KET said...

Well, I've been expecting an eventual blackout of all things SG for awhile ever since the TV show was announced. I'm actually surprised that it took this long, but having the character disappear for awhile after multiple versions appearing in Convergence seems like a fair way to build up anticipation for Supergirl's eventual 'grand return' in a major multimedia explosion.

In other words, I'm not concerned about this news in the least. She'll be back.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure were getting a new #1 around the time the show comes out. Betting it gets tooled more towards the show. Lets be honest a secret ID and supporting cast/family are things Supergirl has sorely needed, but rarely gotten over the last decade since her return.

Ill just have to live with the Powergirl/HQ series till then.

Anonymous said...

Well, seems par for the course; as soon Supergirl gets to some sort of normalcy, something happens to derail the storyline. (e.g. When pre-New 52 SG was settling down to being a Stanhope student, New 52 occurred so everything changed. Now as New 52 SG is proving her worth at Crucible and everyone is interested, the series is cancelled so it can be realigned with the new SG TV show.) The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Anj said...

Loving the dialogue here.

I agree with anonymous that we certainly had an unstable character at the beginning of this title. Between the 'loner' beginnings and then 2 bad crossovers, Kara was something of a mess. The thing that gets me is we had almost a year now of stability - a redemption story via Red Lanterns and then Crucible. Once on a solid and appropriate foundation, to have the book canceled seems weird.

I do like the idea of the 'time away in the Legion' as a way to semi-age her. But do we want to link the comic character, who will go on, to a TV series which might be short lived?

Anyways, I agree with everyone this is a pause and not something more. We'll have to see what comes next.

Anonymous said...

Its ironic that this fall "Back Issue" is publishing a review of "Supergirl in the Bronze Age" just in time for her second abolition from DCU continuity. I also wanna go on record as agreeing with the above poster about the sheer sexism of canceling SG's comic presumably to align with the TV show, Barry Allen and Oliver Queen have undergone no such similar indignity.
Again I ask...IF the TV goes to smash what will DC do vis a vis Kara Zor El?


AndNowInStereo said...

I have a lot of feelings about this. I got into reading print comics to support two titles: Supergirl, and Captain Marvel. I'm annoyed the current great run isn't given a chance to continue because it was just so good, that's what really annoys me about this. Captain Marvel actually got stealth-cancelled itself about a month after I started buying it, and that was bad enough. But it did come back, thankfully. So I'm hoping that DC are effectively doing the same thing - using the gap in between to develop a new volume and the publicity generated by the TV show to boost the hype around a new #1. Regardless of whether or not the show is ultimately a success, its launch will generate enough buzz that aligning a relaunch of the comic with the first episode does make a lot of sense.

But I'm hoping that the resulting book actually follows through on what they've been saying about their new line, affirms their commitment to diversity and is one in which story trumps both continuity AND synergy. Having a comic tied into the TV show is a good idea, especially if it takes off, but that's what the digital tie-ins are for - 'Arrow' and 'Flash: Year Zero' are in the continuity of the shows and overseen by the producers of the shows. But aligning the 'mainstream' Supergirl book with the TV content, while not necessarily a terrible plan, certainly isn't the ONLY idea they could go with.

Look at Grayson, that book took Nightwing in a totally new creator-driven direction and nearly everyone loves it. If DC now feel ready to put Eisner-nominated independent creators like Gene Luen Yang on SuperMAN, then they should be taking the same approach to Supergirl. It would be a lot more interesting if they could get people with similar acclaim or indie cred on the book and let them do whatever they want with it. For me that would be a much better approach, and it would help convince me DC is going to put it's money where it's mouth is with their new direction. Whatever direction they do take with Supergirl, the important thing is that they don't repeat the mistakes of Vol.6, which were themselves repeats of the mistakes of Vol.5, by having no direction at all for long stretches of time. This gives them an opportunity to set the momentum going right from the start. So I hope we hear of a Supergirl Vol.7 by summer.

Anj said...

It is interesting that both of the last incarnations started of on the same wrong foot and just as everything gets settled, the rug gets pulled out from under us.

I feel blessed that the Gates Supergirl (and the creators and arcs that followed) were so good. We had almost 3 years of great stories there.

A shame we don't have the same luxury with the Bedard/Perkins/Johnson Kara.

elknight20 said...

Saw this, once you tweeted the news, Anj. Still upset about it. Hope to see a resurgence of Kara, once the tv show airs.

Anonymous said...

I hope they keep her as a teenager cuz she has always been known as one. For one thing canon Jimmy is barely out of his teens, isnt he a college age? Second if powergirl comes back to main universe, that's another kara zor-el who happened to be 22-23 yrs of age?

So having two kara zor-el (supergirl/powergirl) both lost their homeworld/universe and both being in their early twenties. I rather one of them younger and makes them different from each other.

John (somewhere in England) said...

There's been no post-Convergence resurrection of the Legion of Super Heroes either. Another disappointment.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Anj in that I'm quite mixed on this news... and was hoping all weekend that that it was someone gone overboard with
their hyperbole.

Completely 2nd your 5 main points -- though if my count's right, June 2015 puts us at the end of the (initial) 5-issue arc for
Cruciblethat K Perkins and Mike Johnson were doing. I do agree if they couldn't even do a closure issue for Supergirl, well...

I did have to smile at some of the titles on that list DC put out, especially the Harley Quinn / Power Girl title... I've read the
first two issues and while the premise was whacky -- relatively speaking, as far as Harley Quinn is concerned -- I'm rather warming
up to seeing these two mismatched characters play off one another.

To end things on a rational note, there IS the possibility of the Supergirl title being rebooted / relaunched with the new TV series...
I'm hoping, but on the other hand I'm not getting the complete warm fuzzies.

Time Will Tell...


Anj said...

Much of my love for Supergirl is that she is on the hero's journey. Making her older quickly, robbing us of those stories, would diminish it.

I hope they keep her young.

Anonymous said...

One of the mistakes that DC seems to be making is to be keeping Kara too far removed from earth. Supergirl has been successful when she is connected to Earth and "everyday" people. Even the crucible stuff just seemed too removed from reality. If you think about the successful incarnations of Supergirl (e.g., the animated series), she had a clear identity on Earth. She is not a science fiction character. She will be successful if people can build a bond with her character.

Saranga said...

Re everyone's comments about DC bringing in a female creative team that is writing good stories and keeping sales figures up:

I'm pretty certain that comics companies plan their output several months, if not a year in advance. When Perkins et al were hired to do the book DC would already have decided to relaunch in June. I expect that Perkins et al were hired to do the remaining 5 issues, and that everyone involved knew this. the same happened pre 52 - remember the last few issues of that run had a different creative team.

Just because we only heard a few days ago doesn't mean that DC only decided to do this a few days ago. They've been planning that move to the West coast for over a year, if not 2 or 3 and presumably have decided the office move marks a good time to shake up the line a little.

Of course I'm cross that Supergirl's been cancelled, but it's no reflection on the current creators.

Anonymous said...

It's like DC want me to stop reading their titles. They ruin Batwoman, then cancel it. They ruin World's Finest, then cancel it, and they just gone straight to the cancellation for Supergirl.

Why not stick her back in the Legion and relaunch them?

Anonymous said...

I only buy just a couple of books from DC and Supergirl is one of them. When it comes to comic books sales 26k isn't really a whole lot. In Jan 2015, Batman did 110K and Wonder Woman did about 39k. DC knows she has a fan base, a TV show being developed, and will just reboot her.

Adam said...

Asside from Aquaman, which i'm not please with the direction he's going into. From what i've seen in pictures it doesnt fit too well with where issue 40 leaves off. Aquaman and Mera are kissing, while holding daggers to their backs, when they would rather die than see the other fall.

My other mainstay I chose to back was Supergirl. I found this book to really connect with me, even though I'm a guy. She is a strong willed person that just wants to fit in, but something always prevents her from doing so. I loved this book, and have stuck with it all 40 issues. Which begs the question, why cancel such a great book? I found it better than Catwoman, which i also collect, and sometimes even better than Aquaman, and Justice League.

So why after she finally gets a coherent storyline where you dont have to collect 5 supermans issues, 3 superboy issues, and 5 Red Lantern issues do they cancel it? Frustration doesnt even describe it.

Being weary of Aquaman already, and no Supergirl. Begs the question, "Do they even care about their fanbase?"