Monday, February 16, 2015

Young Kara On The Supergirl Show

The audition tapes for the Supergirl show have been cropping up on the internet so often I have to wonder if it is planned publicity ... either by the show or the actors. For me, the go to site is

As a long time, sometime suffering, Supergirl fan, I am floored and thrilled by how many websites devoted to Supergirl are cropping up.

The latest audition tape is for a young Kara. Here is the link.

Whether this is solely in the pilot or whether or not these flashbacks will be sprinkled throughout the show is unknown. But we clearly have two snippets here.

The first is a talk with Zor-El prior to the destruction of Krypton. There are a couple of things that stuck out to me.

First was the fact that she is being sent from Krypton (not a floating Argo City) to "take care of [her] cousin". This means that we are in the post-Crisis and New 52 origin as seen above where Kara is technically older than Kal. She somehow gets delayed on her path to Earth.

The other part is that Zor-El notes that Kara is "so like [her] mother". In an earlier released audition tape, we heard Supergirl state proudly that she is the daughter of Alura. So it looks like the mother/daughter relationship is going to be a strong one in the show ... as it has been shown in the past, mostly in the Gates/Igle Supergirl.

The second scene is Kara talking to a family member. My guess, based on the tone of the lines, is that this is Mrs. Danvers. If true, that means that Kara's adopted mother is also a great role model, a genius who got her masters at 19. (It is this line that made me wonder if this was older sister Alex.)

The idea that her adopted family would want Kara to hide her powers until she learns the culture and how to 'fit in' makes some sense in the current world. I don't think they are holding her back. They are just being careful.

Anyways, thanks to Supergirl TV for the clip. And I have liked everything I have seen in regards to this show. Looks like it will be a winner!

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Anonymous said...

Read some of the spoilers over at If that's what some of the actual scenes / dialog is going to be, I've definately
got NO complaints so far! They're firing on all cylinders, and pushing Supergirl to be a hero / rolemodel, and link her to Superman...
but stepping back to somewhat tounge-in-cheekly address all the possible "-isms" with her.

Two lines that REALLY sent shivers down my spine were "He feels more like... family... to me," and "I am Kara Zor-El, Daughter of
Alura. And I'm gonna start living like it." PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep that in the final cut!

Also wondering if the spolier Lumberjack scene gave us the clue as to who is behind him...