Thursday, February 5, 2015

Boston Comic Con 2015 Early News

These are the long dark cold days of winter here in New England. We have been covered in deep snow these last 2 weeks. I needed something to give me hope ...

And I got it this week!

The early guest list of this year's Boston Comic Con has been announced. And there has been some news too! The Con will again be three days and will again be held at the Boston Seaport, two decisions I am thrilled about. I love that location.

What is new is that there will be no door sales for tickets this year. Only advance on-line tickets will be available. Given the growing crowds for the convention as well as the debacle of last year's Rhode Island Comic Con, I think it makes great sense. No one wants to stand in ludicrous lines. No one wants to be shut out from getting into the con after having bought tickets. This con has grown so quickly this is the natural next step.

And the early guest list is great. There are a ton of artists that I would love to get pieces from. There are some that I don't think will be sketching. There are some that I don't think I will be able to afford. And I am sure there are many more names to come.

But there is one artist I would love to get a commission from ... a true legend ... praise be his name ...

Jose Luis Garcia Lopez!!

I absolutely love his work. His work is everywhere! And sooooo beautiful!!

I don't know if he will even be sketching. But I will probably run to his table first!

I briefly met Garcia Lopez way back in 2007 at the Baltimore Comic-Con. I was able to grab a couple of signatures from him but didn't even get the chance to ask him if he was drawing. So I am hoping hoping that he will be.

And yes .... Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti will be at Boston again. A Conner sketch ... anything ... is sort of a grail piece for me. So maybe I can try to beg and plead one more time!

Anyways, buy your tickets for Boston Comic-Con and hope to run into you all there!

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