Saturday, March 28, 2015

Matrix Supergirl Convergence Intro Pages

Despite losing the solo comic to the post-Convergence DCU, Supergirl fans have a lot to look forward to in the Convergence mini-series. There are three versions of Supergirl in the Convergence mini-series. We have Crisis Kara.
We have Kara from the Robinson JLA era.

And we have Matrix Supergirl, in her own mini-series, and apparently before the merge with Linda Danvers. Of all the mini-series, this one intrigues me the most. I have come to appreciate the Matrix Supergirl, especially her character post-'Death of Superman'. I also worry this mini-series by Keith Giffen might be awful. And judging by the cover, we are probably in a time at or around the death of Superman. She is still with Lex. Intrigued.

Well, Sue over at DC Women Kicking Ass got the exclusive release of the intro pages over on her site:

Congrats to Sue for the scoop!

Lets take a look at the intro pages, catching us up p on her history. I'll try to fill in some details.

These early stories show a very naive Matrix. Her earliest story have her more like a Silver Age Supergirl, overly sweet and innocent.

After the lost battle on the pocket Earth, she lives on the Kent farm, a skittish waif.

In a nice plot twist, she takes Superman's place when he exiles himself to space after executing the Phantom Zone villains.  It is the first breakdown of her sanity.

When Superman returns, it is Matrix who leaves the planet, hoping to find herself.

(It is odd that they include a snippet of a cover from the Supergirl mini-series here, one of the last stories before the Danvers merge, a time when she rebels from Lex.)

These early years of Matrix were tough for Supergirl fans.
She becomes the slave of Brainiac.
She becomes the lover and dupe of Lex.

It is only when she becomes one of the heroes in Metropolis after Superman's 'death' that we see her begin to mature into something special.

So let's hear it Matrix fans!

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