Saturday, January 24, 2015

Supergirl Casted! Welcome Melissa Benoist!

It broke everywhere on Thursday and so I am very late to the game ... but Supergirl has been cast! The Hollywood Reporter has the news that Glee alumni Melissa Benoist has been cast as Kara Zor-El for the upcoming CBS drama.

Here is that report:

I think this is a fabulous choice.

I will admit to heading to YouTube and Netflix to look for the breadth of Benoist's work outside of Glee. After watching her on late night television, singing her way through Glee, and some snippets from Whiplash, I think she just the right mix of freshness, spunk, and strength to play a great Kara. She also has a look that I think is perfect for the role.

So I am still cruising on optimism for this show. So far Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler are hitting all the right notes. And now, seeing Benoist as Kara, it makes Alexandra Daddario even more perfect as Alexandra Danvers. Those two could be sisters.

And here is a tweet from a while ago showing Benoist with blonder hair. Now we know what the 'secret project' was. Looks great!

Here is a link to Benoist's website:

Welcome aboard the Supergirl bandwagon Melissa!!!

I mean ... #Supergirl was trending on Twitter !

This is a great time to be a Kara fan.


Anonymous said...

The Die is Cast, The Girl is Cast :)....The Missiles are Flying, Alleluia...
Up until now this particular project has been something of an abstraction in my mind, there are a million ways it can All Go Wrong and Berlanti's track record isn't THAT good to be truthful.
But it might be gut check time....gotta go with the Supergirl we got and like that.
There is one intangible factor in our favor here, "Superman" has rarely not been a Big Hit on TV from George Reeves to Dean Cain and out to all the animated shows, The Big Red S is usually a ratings winner. Hopefully some of that magic will permeate this Supergirl project, this where being a "Legacy Heroine" works in Kousin Kara's favor.
As for the actress cast, I'm not familiar with her work (gonna try to see "Whiplash" at some point) but she certainly has a winsome look about her.

Game One Mah Friends...


Gene said...

I had the sneaky feeling they were going to cast a natural brunette...

I too looked up Ms. Benoist on Youtube as soon as I saw the news and saw her being interviewed by Craig Ferguson. I think she will be a great Supergirl! It seems to me that if we want to see who will be playing upcoming DC characters on TV we should consult old episodes of Glee and Spartacus. I do ask however that Gemma Atkinson be kept on the short list for Power Girl.

Speaking of natural brunettes, here is an interview with Helen Slater about how she became the first Supergirl (if you don't count Carol Burnett) and what she thinks about the upcoming Supergirl show:


Thomas Hayes said...

I saw 'Whiplash' today. It's a pretty good film, I highly recommend it. Benoist's role isn't huge, but she is really good in it. She has great screen presence and she plays a slightly awkward character very naturally. If the are going for a 'Kara Danvers' who has a similar demeanour to the classic dorky Clark Kent, I'm pretty sure Benoist will be perfect for that.

ealperin said...

Congratulations, Melissa! Looking forward to seeing the show! ;)

Bartiemus said...

I've seen nothing but positivity for the show and casting which makes a nice change. All we need now is the costume and the other leads of the show.

Anonymous said...

I love this casting!!! I love it! It's no secret that I'm pretty bored/disinterested/put off by virtually every comic starring Superman these days. Just not my jam. But this show ( along with the Flash) is making me happy! ---Shades

Martin Gray said...

Great stuff, best of luck to her. I'm not fussed as to whether Melissa looks like Alex, them not being genetic sisters. And actually, I'd rather they didn't both channel the typical US TV nice girl look, with gorgeous long wavy hair and super-pretty features. OK, Kara has to have a certain look, so make Alex short-haired, snub-nosed... quirkier.

Hey, maybe Alex could have jet-black hair, with a long plait. She could be Alexandra Anastasia Danvers, maybe with a nickname...

Manu said...

She is just perfect ! The ideal person for the part !

and my god, what beautiful eyes !

Anonymous said...

One more hurdle crossed towards this series becoming a reality, and I'm VERY MUCH hoping we'll soon be treated to a "coming soon this [insert tv season]" ad.
Haven't seen her previous work, but I'll reserve judgement till we get the pilot.


Anonymous said...


"If producer Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) comes knocking, Slater will answer."

Oh wow... I think my brain just had a nerdgasm at THAT thought! If you could cast Slater in the new Supergirl
TV series, what would you want her to be? Possible 2015 poll, Anj?


Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments!

I can't help but agree that Benoist seems perfect.

I agree Alex can look different. I just keep hoping for Dadarrio.

As for Slater, I guess Alura is too easy. Maybe Dr. Klyburn from S.T.A.R.?

Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see the costume, will it take a month? Haha. When grant got casted how long was it until they given us the first look of him in a costume?

Thomas Hayes said...

To anon, we'll probably see our first glimpses of the costume when the pilot is being shot. The Flash pilot was shot in March 2014, we saw the first picture (his head in profile) of Gustin in the suit form DC at the very end of February and then more pictures and set shots in March. I'd imagine this isn't going to be that different, so we shouldn't have too long to wait.