Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hollywood Legacy Supergirls On The New Supergirl Show

One of the things I like is that there is this sort of growing Hollywood legacy around Supergirl these days. And the actors who have portrayed her don't shy away from their history with the character.

So it was great in the wake of Melissa Benoist being cast as Supergirl to see a couple of Supergirl veterans step up to discuss the show and congratulate Benoist.

First off, Blastr caught up with Helen Slater to discuss her playing Supergirl in the 1984 movie and her thoughts on the show. Please read the whole interview to hear her talk about the getting the role and how she prepared for it. Here is the link:

And here is what she said when asked if she would want to be on the new Supergirl show: 

"I think that would be such a thrill," she exclaimed. "Having been on Smallville and being at these conventions, the fans just love it so much. They love when there's any kind of crossover, or 'Oh my gosh, she was in the original, or he was.' I think the writing has gotten a lot smarter now ... somehow they've cracked the code or something to have a really great sense of humor, but have it still be smart and not pandering to a younger audience. It seems like something has changed." 

Slater believes the new show could reignite Supergirl's legacy. "I just have great faith that they'll figure it out in this CBS world ... they just sound super talented, so fingers crossed." 

Now it would be easy to have Slater play Alura in flashbacks. But I think that might be too easy.

I would rather see her in a different role. And my choice would be as Dr. Jenet Klyburn of S.T.A.R. Labs. Klyburn has a nice history in the DCU and Slater would bring some depth to the role.

And Laura Vandervoort, who last played Supergirl on television, extended her congratulations to Benoist on Twitter.

I love that Vandervoort has a connection to the character. And given how much the Supergirl fandom appreciates and loves Vandervoort, I would love for her to also appear on the show. Maybe as 'Kitty' Faulkner/Rampage? Or maybe Laurel Gand from the future?

Anyways, I am thrilled that there is now a sort of family tree with Supergirl in Hollywood. You can throw Nicolle Tom, Summer Glau and Molly Quinn into the mix. Quite a talented group!


Anonymous said...

Helen Slater could start herself a "Super Sorority" in Hollywood she now has two solid members besides herself as well as a plethora of voice actresses to draw upon.



Martin Gray said...

Great as the previous Supergirl actresses are, I'd prefer them not to be in the show, it's too distracting to me, it foregrounds the artifice.

Saranga said...

Van der Voort would make a good Laurel Gand.

Gene said...

Technically Carol Burnett was the first one to play "Supergirl" on the Gary Moore Show in 1961...on CBS. It was the first time she used her trademark Tarzan yell. Since she is still active on other CBS shows such as Hawaii 5-0, I think it would be a kick if she made at least a cameo (Tarzan yell optional.)


ealperin said...

Really glad to see the cast expanding each week. Looking forward to the show! Just seeing actors who have played the character in the past & backing her up 100% is nothing short of swell! :)

ealperin said...

P.s. YouTube clip of Carol Burnett as Supergirl (just as Gene said):

Anonymous said...

Ahh, stuff like this just warms the cackles of my heart so much! LOVE IT!

...and while I'd love it if the producers found a way to bring in the previous actresses that did Supergirl in some way,
Martin Gray makes a valid point about not wanting to overshadow what the main cast is doing. Even something like in
Smallville where they brought in previous Superman actors, just as a "passing of the torch" kind of thing... means so
much in so many ways.


Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments!

I love the buzz the show is getting.

Mart, I still think it would be cool to acknowledge the history of Supergirl by having the other actors show up!

Anonymous said...

Carol B was hilarious haha! Loved how she flew like she was swimming in the ocean hahaha