Friday, January 30, 2015

Bullet Review: Worlds' Finest #30

Worlds' Finest #30 came out last week, one of many chapter in the deconstruction of the New 52 Earth 2. I stopped reading this title half a year ago when a sort of creative ennui mired the book into irrelevancy. Since then, I have only seen the ads and read a review here and there about Worlds' End and Earth 2.

There isn't much about what I have seen happening in these books that has made me question my decision.

But blog friend and fellow comic reviewer Mart Gray   tipped me off that I might enjoy some of this last issue and he was right.

The whole issue is told in flashback by Lois, a look at this Earth just before it unraveled into chaos. So we see this quiet moment of Mr. and Mrs. Superman enjoying each others' company and doing a little canoodling.

Of course, Supergirl lives with them and walks in on them snuggling. There is so much to love in this scene, from the simple romance of Lois and Clark to the 'cowbell' comment by Kara.

But most of all I love this costume. For one, it shows that this Kara has always preferred the leotard look, the one piece. No skirt to be seen here. And it echoes the one piece she wears as Power Girl. But most of all I love the ballerina slippers, a nice nod to the later  70's Adventure Comics Supergirl.

It's funny. I found the strongest part of this book is when Paul Levitz looked back at Huntress and Power Girl's early careers as Robin and Supergirl. So I also enjoyed this other adventure in the book with Catwoman and Robin.

These flashback scenes made me miss a more classic Earth 2 even more, the one with the JSA, Infinity Inc, and a sense of legacy.

Thanks again Mart! That Supergirl page made me smile. 


Martin Gray said...

You're very welcome, it was lovely to see some joy associated with New 52 Earth 2. I truly hope Convergence wipes it out, along with its history, and plonks Kara and Helena on the traditional world, with older heroes.

Anonymous said...

Completely second what you say about that page Anj, just so much right with it, especially with the whole Kara and Kal dynamic.
The only thing that may be slightly out of character is the "JK" phrase, but otherwise... just... so right!