Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Supergirl Future's End #1 Cover

Since the New 52 has been introduced September has been DC's gimmick month - zero month, Villain's month, and now Future's End month, complete with 3-D lenticular covers! 

Last September, Supergirl didn't even merit an issue. Cyborg Superman, the 'Supergirl' villain, was part of the Superman title's issues.

Well, this September's issues include a Supergirl issue! 

Here are the complete September solicits from over at CBR.

You might recall the Supergirl solicit:

Writer: Tony Bedard
Penciller: Ema Lupacchino
Cover: Giuseppe Camuncoli

At last, Supergirl reconciles with her father, Cyborg Superman – in the most horrific way possible!

Well now we get to see the cover. And boy it is a beauty by Giuseppe Camuncoli. There's a sort of Art Thibert feel to it. And Supergirl looks fierce. In Metropolis no less. 

I know I shouldn't assume anything from a comic cover but Supergirl in Metropolis albeit 5 years later. Maybe she really has patched things up with Kal.  

But what about the 'other' cover?

The solicit discusses the return of the Cyborg Superman.

The horrific way she reconciles with Zor-El is to become Cyborg Supergirl?

Well, I hope that isn't the story and would be something of a step backwards to whatever progress Supergirl would have made.

That said, who the heck knows what life is 5 years later in the DCU.

At least she gets her own issue and special cover.

And that first cover is great.


LJ-90 said...

Jesus! That is one disturbing cover. I remember the Sterling Gates era, that was one good run. I'll check if there's a trade for the post-War of the Supermen run.

Anj, about the Ultimate Spider-Man trade, this is the one you should check out:


Hope that helps!

Susan C said...

This is why I only read one DC series, World's Finest. Too horrific, too gory, too violent, too ugly. This is why I won't touch another Supergirl issue, until she is brought back to her roots as a positive force for good and hope.

valerie21601 said...

Susan C aka valerie21601 somehow I posted the wrong name on here. :)

Martin Gray said...

I'm not so keen on the Supergirl cover. Too much thigh, mad hair, grimace - and you know how much I hate Cyborg Superman dad. Still, it's a good creative team so perhaps we'll get super-lemonade ...

Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments.

LJ - I highly recommend the BizarroGirl trade by Gates/Igle/Chang

Val - good to hear from you! Hope all is well.

Mart - As this is 5yrs hence, we might see a different Kara. I hope the team does her right. I hate the Zor Cyborg too!

LJ-90 said...

There's a BizarroGirl trade?! I'll have to buy that ASAP, thanks for the info Anj!

Diabolu Frank said...

And once again, our teenage heroine is so routinely uncovered that she has to add clothing to show she's eeeevvvviilll. Good news is that we'll never see this future become a reality, either because DC changes course or so thoroughly alienates every sustainable audience that it finally shuts down publishing.

Anonymous said...

This looks perfectly awful, its gotten to the point where nearly ALL DC crossover events are especially trying times for Kara fans. Can anyone else just feel the contempt and hate DC feels for the character and her fans?



valerie21601 said...


Let's just say, things have gotten to a point in my life where I am getting help help with it.

It doesn't help, the DC52 is so bad and boring. I wish for the days when you could buy a DC comic book, read it and come away with a smile.

Anj said...

Sending you positive vibes Val.

All my best.