Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bombshell Variants Revealed

A while back DC Comics announced it would have a number of variant covers based on their Bombshell statue line. At the time, a sneak preview revealed a Supergirl variant albeit one not on the Supergirl title itself.

Thanks to blog friend Thomas Hayes, I got forwarded this article from Buzzfeed looking at all the variants coming out next month. Here is the link:

While not exactly a fan of the statue line (I didn't get the Supergirl statue), there is something appealing about these retro-looking covers. These look more like magazine ads from the 1940's then something more prurient. Despite being 'bombshells', these aren't tawdry pin-ups.

The image above is the variant for Action Comics #32 by Ant Lucia. And while it is a lovely piece, I am still just a bit confused about why this isn't a variant for Supergirl. Kara hasn't been in Action Comics for some time. And her own book could certainly benefit from a little publicity.

I like this Superman/Wonder Woman #9 variant by Emanuela Lupacchino as well. There is a propaganda poster feel to this one which works well. And I like that the image gives the impression that these two are friends. Wouldn't that be a nice little relationship to develop!

I think the 'Rosie the Riveter' "We Can Do It" take on Wonder Woman works the best in this Bombshell line.

But the biggest surprise is this Ant Lucia cover for Superman #32. It features Lois!

First off, I really like the 'Newsies' look to Lois! The vest, suspenders down, and cap all work beautifully. And this faux advertisement poster looks like an homage to a Saturday Evening Post cover.

I don't always get variant covers. But I think I will try to snag these when they come out.

Go to the link to see Arisia, Batwoman, and others featured on covers.

And thanks again to Thomas Hayes. I really appreciate when news tips get sent my way!


Jay said...

Only fitting that my favorite cover ends up going to one of my favorite titles (Superman/Wonder Woman). Diana and Kara with the locked arms pose is so cool, haha.

Anonymous said...

Supergirl elseworld or not...does NOT wear nylons with her costume...they shred at transonic speeds and since nylon was rationed during the war it would be seen as unpatriotic as well.


I wouldn't mind a variant poster where she is destroying a Nazi tank with her tiny girly fists...