Sunday, May 25, 2014

Away At School Again

I'll be away for advanced schooling starting today which means I might not be able to respond quickly either here or on Twitter.

The good news this is the last week for this particular course so I will be 'graduating'.

The other good news is between reviews, planned back issue peeks, etc I will still have a week of material here. But Wednesday's comics won't be purchased until the weekend. So no new reviews until early June!


LJ-90 said...

Great news Anj! Have a nice graduation.

Also, I hope that when you get around to going to the comic shop to buy new issues, one will be the Miles Morales trade I've been trying to get you to read for such a long while ;) (Just kidding...kinda :P)

Have a nice week!

Anj said...

I actually went to buy it to have in this trip. But there are a million Ultimate Spiderman trades!

What is the volume number/cover?

Martin Gray said...

Congratulations, I'm proud of you!