Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Super Stickers

 I am always glad when Supergirl fans and blog friends forward me stuff that I otherwise wouldn't have stumbled upon by myself. So a big thanks to Thomas Hayes for sending me this information about an app for smartphones by Line of Superman family 'stickers'. He even scooped Bleeding Cool who also reported about these today.

The link to see the stickers the best is below. Thanks for ComicCombatant on Tumblr. Here is a link:

These things are just delightful because they show a whole myriad of emotions on the entire Superman family. So we get the inquisitive Supergirl above, in an image which for me just completely evokes the Silver Age scientist Kara. Between the lightbulb and the finger by the face, it is all Jim Mooney.

But here is one of the sheets. So Power Girl chowing down on a burger, to the 'what the heck' Superboy in the lower right, to Lois blowing a kiss or having a headache, it all works. I also love the exasperated Supergirl on the lower left. She looks miffed.

Not much overwhelming grimness here. I loved this one of Power Girl and Supergirl hugging.

And here is the second sheet. Lots of stuff that could be used for DC Valentines on this sheet. But a yawning Lois? A Jimmy with a stomach ache? Superman and Supergirl hugging??

It all works here too.

Thanks to Line for making these stickers and Thomas for forwarding the info!


Dave Mullen said...

These are terrific. I marvel at how out of step these are in tone and mood to what we get in the comics, Scott Lobdell is the only writer who has come close to lightening Superman up, otherwise the odds of us seeing a cuddly fun Superman are remote. And as for Supergirl...!

Anonymous said...

It's like seeing old friends you thought had moved away forever. Nice people, interesting, with a wide range of emotions. Seeing that reminds me how much I miss the Superman family.