Friday, December 4, 2009

Matt Camp's Blog

I just added Matt Camp's blog to my professional blog roll located on the right. Since Camp is going to be doing the art on Supergirl for the next couple of issues, he is a welcome addition.

Here is the link:

I thought Camp's art on Supergirl #47 was really slick. It was a fine lined detailed style that fit this title so well.

Right now on his blog, Camp has posted the pencil pages for one of the most powerful scenes of the last issue, Alura alone in her bed remembering Zor-El.

I love it when I am able to see the process of comic art moving from initial pencils to inks to coloring. So I really appreciated this. He also posts the colored pages on the blog for comparison.

While I hope that Jamal Igle stays on the title for a good long time, I wouldn't mind it if Camp was named the official substitute for Supergirl when Igle needs a breather. His stuff is that good.

I hope we get to see more of these pencil pages on his blog in the future.


Gene said...

Thank you posting a link to his blog Anj. I agree, his work is excellent!

TalOs said...

A just as equally talented artist like his fellow Superman Family peers! :D