Monday, December 7, 2009

The Future Of Adventure Comics

The future of Adventure Comics was recently discussed over on the DC Universe blog. Here is the link:

We knew there was going to be a transition from the Superboy-based comic to a Legion-based comic. I know I am looking forward to seeing Paul Levitz writing the Legion again. BUt we didn;t know how that transition would occur until now.

Here is the post:

ADVENTURE COMICS #8 is the start of a four-issue arc connecting ADVENTURE to the next big Superman story - “Brainiac & The Legion of Super-Heroes.” James Robinson & Julian Lopez will provide a 10-page story about the Legion members who are in the 21st Century; Sterling Gates & Clayton Henry will provide a 10-pager about the Legion in the 31st Century; and Eric Trautmann & DC newcomer Pier Gallo (wait till you see this guy’s stuff!) will provide a 10-pager about General Lane’s Human Defense Corps.

The Superman writers have crafted a really fun and epic story in “Brainiac & The Legion of Super-Heroes” (which will run in ADVENTURE, SUPERMAN, SUPERGIRL and a title-to-be-named-later in March). Featuring Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Mon-El and the Legion of Super-Heroes, it not only brings to a head all the Legion subplots that DC has been laying down since the JLA/JSA “Lightning Saga” story, but also sets the stage for this summer’s blockbuster Superman event!

So there are a number of things about this information that are worth discussing.

First off, I can't wait to see how Sterling Gates handles the Legion. I am glad that he is writing the group in the 31st century. Wildfire and Dawnstar are my favorite Legionnaires and so I hope Gates uses in his stories.

Second, I'm glad to see that Supergirl is being included in this story. Is this going to be the reintroduction of the Supergirl/Brainiac 5 romance in the current DCU? I have read in some places that the Brainiac mentioned here is actually Vril Dox ... but we'll have to see.

That said, this is just another crossover that is going to run through the Supergirl title. It sounds like it will only be one issue as this is a four issue arc working its way through four titles. But I was looking forward to some standalone Supergirl stories.

And an 'unnamed title'? It has to be a Superboy book, right?

Lastly, this is said to lead into next summer's big Superman event so it probably will have some importance overall.

Anyways, I really hope we get some Supergirl/Brainiac interaction ... even if it is Brainiac 2. Remember, she may not be too happy with Dox given how their last encounter in R.E.B.E.L.S. ended.


Heath Edwards said...

i hope its a superboy book.
i'd been thinking that i'd be leaving adventure comics, but i guess we'll see what happens after this crossover. it does sound like fun, though. its been interesting to see various losh characters pop up in the superman books...

TalOs said...

Add me as yet another hoping against hope for Kon to be rightfully given back his Superboy title come early 2010 too! :D

Man I really hope Levitz has main DCU E-0 continuity Legion of Super-Heroes eras own Brainy and a time traveling Kara/Supergirl finally end up getting together but if they did would this mean Kara would want to make the 31st Century her home henceforth if they ever choose to get married? :/

Mart said...

Well, Brainy will have to give up the pervy Kara android . . .

. . . speaking of ill-advised bits of Legionnaire business, what IS that Sensor Girl revamp? A classic destroyed!

Anj said...

Well, Brainy will have to give up the pervy Kara android . . .

Hee hee. I do hope we see some Supergirl/Brainiac 5 interactions.

. . . speaking of ill-advised bits of Legionnaire business, what IS that Sensor Girl revamp? A classic destroyed!

I know. It is absolutely horrible especially when the original was such a great design.