Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wednesday Comics Supergirl

I am really starting to get excited about DC's next weekly Wednesday Comics. As I have said before, DC has really done a great job assembling tremendous talent to work on all the individual strips.

A lot of the strips have had some sneak peeks revealed. But we haven't seen any part of the Supergirl strip until now. Above we see our first look at the Palmiotti/Conner Supergirl. It seems we are going with a Matrix-style costume ... no belly shirt here.

And look at the exasperated look on her face! Awesome!

Over on The Source, we finally got a little window dressing for Wednesday Comics, a single little window into all the titles. Man, they all look soooooo good. I forgot about the Talent Caldwell Wonder Woman! And I am really really interested in the Gibbons/Sook Kamandi and Simonson/Stelfreeze Catwoman and Demon strip.

But we are here to talk Supergirl. We know that in the script, she seems to be dealing with an out of control Streaky and Krypto. It sounds like it will be a wonderfully fun and breezy strip. Supergirl's expression above says it all. And here is a great page posted on DC too ( http://dcublog.dccomics.com/2009/06/15/cool-wednesday-comics-news-huh/ ). Looks like this is going to be a blast! And the return of the red skirt too! I love this look best of all on Supergirl so I am thrilled to see it again.

Amanda Conner's art is just so perfect for a strip like this. I really have to get to a convention where she is a guest and beg for a Kara commission.

When Wednesday Comics and its format were announced, we all wondered if it would be marketed in atypical stores ... grocery stores, book stores, etc. Instead, the Superman title will be printed the first week in USA Today and subsequently put on the paper's web site(http://dcublog.dccomics.com/2009/06/15/wednesday-comics-superman-strip-to-be-serialized-in-usa-today/ ). It is a nice way to branch out and showcase the concept to mainstream America.


Anonymous said...

I love it when she is miffed...just miffed, not consumed with Shakespearean rage...just frustrated over some petty thing that her powers cannot quickly overcome.
Hi-larious...and Streaky chasing the Air Diznee jumbo jet...priceless.

John Feer

TalOs said...

WOW! Man this looks set to be so sweet! BD

Anj said...

It seems we are going with a Matrix-style costume ... no belly shirt here.

Mmm ... it's close but it's not exactly 100% the "Matrix" look because instead of the yellow/gold colored "V" shaped belt we get the one that Pre-COIE Kara wore upon her very debut (i.e. Superman's very own belt), and the pointed sleeves seem to have the yellow/gold colored trim from Micheal Turner's design too. ;)

But hey, it beats the now outdated (and all due respect to Micheal Turner) belly mid drift exposed "costume" in the end by far.

Anonymous said...

omg! I'm definetly picking this up!

Mauricio said...

NOW ! I'm picking it. I wasn't going to buy it but now I will.


Saranga said...

Oh doesn't Kara look the cutest??!! This wil be ace. I'm sure of it.

Anonymous said...

Correction Anj:

I think what we're seeing is actually the Movie costume instead of the Matrix one. There aren't belt loops on the belt and the trim on the top of the boots are yellow.


Nikki said...

its the movie costume but with the belt she wore in her first comics appearance and the yellow trim sleeves

Anj said...

Thanks for all the posts.

I agree with everyone that it looks too cute to pass up.

But I really love how detail oriented Supergirl fans are. We really dissected this version of the costume down to the belt! It shows how much we know and care for Supergirl!

Gene said...

Amanda Conner is now one of my favorite Supergirl artists next to Jim Mooney, Eric Jones, and Jamal Igle. I love how she draws expressions, and the use of the movie costume is a plus.

Did you also notice how often DC uses Supergirl when they promote Wednesday Comics? She definitely has friends at the top.