Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Cry For Justice Previews

Justice League: Cry For Justice is getting a lot of publicity from DC. Her is another page from the book posted on the DC Source blog and the link: http://dcublog.dccomics.com/2009/06/05/a-killer-page-from-justice-league-cry-for-justice-3-to-end-the-week/

The pages we have seen from this book have been beautiful and this one is no exception. And it includes one of my favorite super-villains Prometheus.

I really hope Supergirl gets to spar with the man who almost single-handedly took down the JLA. I can't wait to see Kara face off against some headlining DC villains (the cover shows Grodd and Sinestro for example).

But this quote was also in the Source piece.

If you miss any issue of the 7-part CRY FOR JUSTICE mini, you are so gonna hate yourself!

Looks like an issue has been added to the run.

Only a couple of weeks until the first issue is released!


TalOs said...

LOVE the art! Er, Justice League: Cry for Justice is a mere 7 issues as of now though? :/

TalOs said...

Oops, almost forgot! Anj, speaking of all things Supergirl here did you also happen to see the following up on 'The Source'?

Renato Guedes tackles covers for ACTION, SUPERMAN and SUPERGIRL annuals:


I personally think the official covers to Action and Supergirl annuals are the coolest! BD

Anj said...

LOVE the art! Er, Justice League: Cry for Justice is a mere 7 issues as of now though? :/.

Thanks for the post.

Actually the 7th issue is an increase from the initially stated 6 issue run!

Anonymous said...

We still need a team book, for prestige reasons if nothing else. And besides, Kara has always been a sociable girl it's ridiculous that she doesn't interact with other professionals in her chosen field.
I say a new book, an all female team with Oracle as SG's co-leader.
Just blue-skyin' here...

John Feer