Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Cosmic Adventures Production Art !

Landry Walker must realize that fans of Supergirl:Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade are missing their regular dose of the book.

To help us with our withdrawal, Walker is posting production art for the series on his blog. The latest post ( http://xray-studios.livejournal.com/50394.html ) shows us the concept art for Streaky. Apparently Streaky is based on Walker's feisty cat Jojo.

The concept art seems to have been right on the money.

Here is an example of the finished product of Streaky.

Walker is even letting fans of the Cosmic Adventures series know about some 'what might have beens'.

On this blog, Walker told us about this list of concepts/characters he has planned for potential sequels:

Lesla Lar.
The Phantom Zone.
Satan Girl.
Melinda Mee.

And now on his blog we see some other ideas that didn't make the cut.

First off Brainiac Five.

We hear him mentioned in the book by Supra-Girl who met him in the future. He sort of has a feel of the B5 we saw on the WB Legion cartoon. But here is what Walker says about Brainiac and Cosmic Adventures.

Brainy was never seen in the series. Originally he was planned to have a major role, but the only limitation given to us by DC was to not use Brainiac 5. At the time, he was a major player in the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st century book so I can understand why.

Too bad DC made him untouchable.

And then Metallo ??

This sketch is shown here: http://xray-studios.livejournal.com/50165.html And Walker's comment:

There was an entire story behind this that involved duplicity and betrayal. The heart was to be made of gold kryptonite (heart of gold) that only had a short term effect. We had already explored the effects of green, red and blue. So gold was the next logical choice.

I love the literal 'heart of gold' concept linked to betrayal. There were innumerable Silver Age stories about Linda falling for a guy who turns out to be a criminal in disguise. It would have been another nice homage.

Walker explains that issue constraints as well as the big role Reactron and his Gold K heart was having in the main book pushed this idea out.

It makes me wonder ... with all these great pre-conceived ideas ... why was this only 6 issues? And why haven't we heard about a sequel yet?


Nikki said...

Damn DC and their embargos. I wonder how they allowed supergirl in tiny titans and cosmic adventures then?

caporizzoj said...


Isn't it funny how the Streaky studies look like Retro? I'm kidding...

I really enjoy these illus study posts. The Naruto box set also has some great ones included as well, cool to see the development process for other artists.

Gene said...

Anj said:
"And why haven't we heard about a sequel yet?"

Is there anybody here going to San Diego who can ask DC about this personally?

TalOs said...

Damn the new installment of these look sweet! BD

I wish DC would give Landry the go head for a sequel already though!