Monday, June 10, 2024

Nicola Scott Covers

Recently it was announced that artist Nicola Scott will be doing a set of variant covers in September called 'Through the Ages". The covers have, as expected, characters as their looks and costumes have changed over time. Here is a link to an article and a sneak peek of the lot:

I was thrilled to see that Supergirl was being honored. I'll definitely be grabbing this one.

And quite the lineup on this cover.
Top row: original, mid-Adventure Comic run, one-shot Adventure Comic costume
Middle row: Hot pants from the Bronze age, Crisis era, Matrix Supergirl, DCAU/late Linda Danvers white shirt
Bottom row: Michael Turner reboot, DC Rebirth costume, current jacket version

That is a pretty solid take on Supergirl during the ages.

But one thing I found interesting.

No New 52 costume!!

I am sure that Scott had some freedom to pick the costumes she wanted.

But I am a little surprised that the  top row right costume made the cut when this one didn't. I am not a huge fan of the New 52 look, especially  those insane boots, but it was the look for 4 years of books!

I always feel like Supergirl's history is sort of overlooked by DC. She never gets any XXth anniversary hard-covers or things like that. So seeing her as one of just 12 covers makes me happy.



Anonymous said...

I'm definitely grabbing this cover too!

I saw on twitter or whatever it's called now that Scott had intended to have the New 52 costume on the bottom right but was asked to replace it with the current costume.

Honestly, I would rather have that New 52 costume than the current one on this cover since this is a look back through the years. I'm with you. Even though I didn't like that costume it is a good chunk of her history.

But I guess that's just nitpicking. Glad we're getting this cover!

Martin Gray said...

I’m happy never seeing the godawful New 52 outfit again, but it really should be on the cover.

Now, call me picky, but would someone please recolour the cape cord of costume 2 to its original yellow?

squidd82 said...

I'm happy since they have the hot pants uniform, the rest is all extra. Definitely going to pick this up!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a nicely balanced cover - rows of 3/4/3 - and thank God they omitted that boring and ugly Woman of Tomorrow costume that debuted in the last issue of that mini, which was then used in the main line before the Dan Mora recent redesign.

But what I would have liked is: eliminate the sleeveless one from the top right (never saw that one before and I gather it's not a significant part of history), move the "hot pants" up to the far top right, making room for the Michael Turner costume on the middle row far right, immediately next to Linda Danvers. Turner basically took many elements of the Linda Danvers costume, after all. His design really is similar right down to the hems or whatever you'd call them, blue trim turning yellow, gloves turning into yellow cuffs.

Anyway, those shifts would leave room for New 52 on the bottom row at the left, then Rebirth and current costumes would stay in their current positions.

Given the current Supergirl is the New 52 Supergirl, that would have been reasonable.

But, sounds like DC just didn't want that one represented. I can see why not, but it's a weird historical gap.

The New 52 costume was awkward, but I liked the collar, cape and S insignia.


Anonymous said...

She got the red ballet slippers right…that was a nice deep dive as well…the top right “Bath Suit Costume Variant” can be found in Adventure Comics #409 , “Fight with Fire Drake” August 1971 cover date, and yes its a one off.


Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments.

I didn't even think about the Woman of Tomorrow costume. I think I have blotted that story out of my mind.

Anonymous said...

One I would have liked to see is what might be called the contemporary transitional suit. This is the blue body suit with a gold band and red cape that Kara was wearing between roughly the end of her own series and the debut of the current jacketed look, e.g. during her appearances in the Dark Crisis and Lazarus Planet event issues (your own blog has a solid image of it here: It was a nice way of moving towards a more modern look while still retaining a classic Superfamily aesthetic, and notably showed that she can pull off a cape as well as any other member of her family without needing to pair it with a skirt.