Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Supergirl McFarlane Multiverse Figure

In what is best described as a late Christmas gift to myself, I finally got my hands on a McFarlane Supergirl Multiverse action figure

It is a very nice action figure and a solid addition to my collection.

It all starts with the box. The front is nice and clean with a good look at the figure. I like the back as well with a nice Emanuela Lupacchino shot of Kara flying in the city.

It is a wonderful sculpt as well. The face has Supergirl sporting almost a wry small smile, as if she is thinking that the villain doesn't know what they are in for. Like a bit of confidence. I am a bit particular about hair designs and  this is gorgeous. Lots of details. 

It is a small touch but I like that the yellow aspects of the costume are actually gold, even the S shield. It just works. Surprisingly, the full red legs didn't bother me on the figure. 

There is lots of articulation so plenty of poses are possible. 

I really appreciate the clear flying stand that you can pose her in as well.

Silly shot from behind but I love the long cloth cape. Really gives it a dynamic sort of real feel.

Pardon the lousy shot but the stand does allow for flying poses and you can get the figure a little horizontal. Pretty cool.

One last thing.

The inner sleeve of the box is a nice montage of old comic covers. It also includes a stand if you don't want to use that flying one. And there is a card which mirrors the back box panel. Those are nice extras.

My one complaint is that both of those extras are sealed against the card meaning to look at them you need to peel off the plastic and ruin the box interior a little. I don't want to do that.

Overall a very nice figure. Glad I got it.


PT Dilloway said...

I think that's the one I have and I like it. The only other Supergirl I had was the TV show one from the first season.

Manu said...

I hadn't come here for an eternity ! So glad to see your super blog does still exist !!! :D

Relatively Geeky said...

Impressed that McFarlane toys has been around as long as it has, and is still producing quality merchandise.

Anonymous said...

OOPS! Somehow this got posted in another article; just delete it!

I actually got this when you first posted it, tho it took quite a bit
of work back then (23OCT?) to get it at the store. Thankx for that.

Funny, tho, that the colors of mine are off; they are darker?
Tho her hair is yellow, there is no yellow in the S-shield?
It's as if, when they made it, like a printer that runs out of
a certain color of ink, that's what happened here. Oh well.
Still worth it.