Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Bullet Review: Nightwing #102

Nightwing #102 came out last week. As with #101, there is a back-up feature written by C.S. Pacat with art by Eduardo Pansica. 

Last issue, I was struck by the feature. Once again we see Dick stepping in as a mentor for Jon. Last issue there was a whole bit about Jon not using his strength to fight with villains. Perhaps Dick could give him some fighting tips.

Now I could say that maybe his father ... or even cousin Kara ... could give him some tips on throwing a Kryptonian haymaker. But maybe Jon is too timid ... or even embarrassed ... to ask them. Or maybe you ask your 'older brother' for tips like this. 

That discussion around fighting and strength isn't really touched on in this issue. But once again, we see how Jon and Dick interact. With a mystery of a possible murder at a circus, trapeze ropes cut almost leading to the death of of an acrobat family (sound familiar), Nightwing and Superman decide to investigate.

Now one of my favorite things about Super Sons was hearing Damien and Jon compare and contrast their fathers. Here, we see Jon and Dick compare their parents approaches to mysteries. 

It is interesting, especially when Jon talks of both Clark and Lois. 

A quick review.

It boils down to this moment as both investigate the potential crime.

Jon talks about Lois and her view. Who profits.

Dick remembers Batman's lesson. Basically, don't trust people. Great moody are in this Batman panel by Pansica.

The mystery takes a little bit of a turn making the story interesting. 

The 'compare and contrast Lois to Bruce' is a also a nice little wrinkle to the usual comparison of the Super/Bat families. So I continue to like this back-up story.

That said, it is making me miss the Super Sons even more. It was these sort of interactions that made that book so wonderful.

Hopefully we'll see Jon throw a punch one of these days.

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Martin Gray said...

Thanks for covering this. I quite enjoyed it… perhaps Jon could practice punching on Jay!

Well, he can go intangible so he’d probably be OK…