Monday, February 13, 2023

'The Flash' Movie Trailer

The Flash movie is set to come out in June of this year. 

Now usually I would be eagerly anticipating a DC big screen effort. But there have been several things that have given me pause with this one. I haven't been a fan of the overall Zach Snyder movies. Wonder Woman '84 was pretty rough. And the premise of this movie, a take on the Flashpoint story, seemed like a day late given both Into The Spider-Verse and Spider-Man No Way Home already covering a multiverse. DC always seems to be following Marvel. 

The trailer dropped yesterday. (Here is the link:

I have to say ... it looks good! Way better than I thought it would! And way more interesting.

I won't bury the lede.

There is a lot of Supergirl in this trailer and she look pretty awesome. 

I love the suit, the red shoulders reminiscent of the Crisis era suit. I am interested in seeing Sasha Calle's take on the character. And it looks like she is going to kick some serious butt in the movie. So rock on!

But there's more!

We start with a warning.

The Ben Affleck Batman warns Barry that messing with timelines could destroy everything as much as it could save things.

But this is the Ezra Miller Barry, a bit more frenetic.

We're talking Flashpoint here. 

The super-speed powered Barry has skipped through the timeline to create a world where his mother lives. One of the more intriguing parts of the trailer is that since he created this timeline, he exists outside it. There are two Barry's, one powered, one not powered. At least I think the one on the right has no powers. (We do see two speedsters at one point so he may get them in the course of the movie.)

Much like in the comics, the new timeline is seriously different. There are no heroes on this world.

And remember, we are in the Snyder-verse. While no heroes exist on Earth, villains exist out in the universe. Ones we recognize.

General Zod is out there, with his Krypton terra-former.

Holy Man of Steel, we are diving into the Synder-verse's deep end.

But this is a world without Superman. Who can save us from the marauding Kryptonians?

Look. I am not a fan of Man of Steel. I liked Cavill as Superman but there are too many things in this movie that ring wrong. So maybe this movie is a chance to change things?

So The Flash heads out to try and find heroes to help him.

It's a different timeline so there's a different Batman! One played by Michael Keaton! Nice swell of Danny Elfman's music as we see him.

But is it Thomas Wayne? Are we deep in the Flashpoint world?

And then ... boom ... Kara!

 A couple of things here.

One, I thought for sure we would be seeing her either in the Kryptonian ship from Man Of Steel or frozen in ice. After all, there was that prequel comic by Sterling Gates and Jerry Ordway putting a Kara in that universe (covered here and here).

But when we first see her, she looks thin and in the dark.

We see her being freed by Batman and the Flash from some place in the ice and snow. And she is in some sort of medical johnny. The words look like Russian but maybe it is Cadmus?

I think this is the movie's take on the Superman story from Flashpoint where Clark was hidden away in the dark to keep him weak. I covered Project:Superman here on the site if folks want to look back (parts 1, 2, and 3). 

What I am wondering is if Kara has replaced Clark on this world (meaning Kal existed but never made it to Earth) or if she was sent here with him but he was either killed or didn't survive the trip.

Either way, she look pretty boss and looks like she is going to play a major role in the movie.

Maybe she defeats Zod without breaking his neck??

On a separate note, the recent announcement of the Superman Woman of Tomorrow proposed film makes the prominence of Kara here also interesting. Will Sasha Calle play Supergirl in that movie, at least 5 years away? Or is this simply the Flashpoint Supergirl?

Overall, I have to say the movie looks fun. It leans into the Snyder-verse in an interesting way while adding the usual wrinkles of Flashpoint and a new timeline. I did not think I would be excited over this movie. But I am!

What did you all think?


Martin Gray said...

Same here, Ezra Miller and the Flashpoint story weren’t plus points but the trailer is darned intriguing, especially a Kara that had me thinking of dear old Cir-El! I wonder if the likely return to reality at the end will be used to swap out Miller and bring in someone as Wally.

Anonymous said...

I am beyond excited over this, and have been ever since the film's introduction of a new Supergirl was announced. As far as I'm concerned, it's a Supergirl movie guest-starring Flash and Batman.

There's a little additional Supergirl content to be found here:

(BTW, the poster you included is apparently a fan-made mockup.)

As for whether Calle will play Kara in "Woman of Tomorrow," Gunn has said no decision has been made yet. I imagine it may depend at least in part on how successful this movie is and audience response to her performance.

Anonymous said...

Two points: 1) Even in a Flash film trailer, the most important thing is Batman. Typical DC. 2) In the trailer alone, Kara kills at least two people. Typical Snyderverse.

Anonymous said...

I got a funny feeling Ms. Calle is gonna end up being a one-off outlier, which may be to her advantage if the pending high concept Supergirl vehicle is an adaptation of "Woman of Tomorrow".
But she certainly made a good impression in the trailer, *shrug*


Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

Yes, 2 guys tossed around in the Arctic are most definitely dead.

I'll wrap my head around it all. Hoping she portrays hope in a better way.

Anonymous said...

Positives: looks to be the last of the Snyder style films. Supergirl is in it. Keaton as Batman again. Maybe the Snyderverse can finally die and we can get characters that are actually in character.
Negatives: looks to be heavy Snyder style. (Which admittedly is not a bad fit for a Flashpoint movie since the story is so dark, but Im tired of Snyder stuff). They still released it after all of Ezra's controversy, but couldn't release Batgirl. Seems more focused on Batman than Flash in the trailer and poster. It's Flashpoint.

KET said...

TBH, the only thing that worked for me was Keaton quipping, "I'm Batman." out of an obvious sense of nostalgia. And Sasha Calle's SG portrayal seems merely a swapped-gender Cavill take from Man Of Steel...probably should expect some more neck snappin' come June. So finally, after all these decades, WBD/DC have managed to turn Supergirl into a personality-free female version of Superman.

Meanwhile, Ezra Miller seems entirely lost in his own movie trailer. No presence at all, which doesn't help his flailing Flashpoint panic emoting throughout this overblown video game SFX demolition derby of a sneak preview. Strongly suspect any future extensions of Miller and Calle's talent contracts will hinge on box office returns, which is exactly where Dwanye Johnson got tripped up last year.


Rob S. said...

Between the Snyderverse, Miller, and the Flashpoint story itself, a lot of my enthusiasm for a Flash movie had cooled -- despite me being a major Flash fan. But this really brought it back. It looks like a lot of fun!

Arcanumi said...

The text on her medical gown is in fact Russian. It says САМАЯ ОПАСНАЯ (MOST DANGEROUS). ☝️

Anj said...

Thanks for translation!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have been visiting this site since 2008, but have not commented often, since I am mostly checked-out from DC's current comic book offerings. However, as someone whose interest in Supergirl comes from discovering this site years ago and collecting a mountain of back issues as a result, I wanted to give my opinion. While it is nice to see Supergirl on the big screen for the first time in decades, I cannot in good conscience watch this movie in theaters, home video, or anywhere else. Ezra Miller has committed all manner of alleged crimes: from physical assault captured on video, breaking and entering, alleged child grooming and alleged kidnapping. If the movie is successful, I feel that it would only serve to validate Miller's alleged crimes. That is just my opinion. I am in no way passing judgement on anyone who sees and enjoys the movie, simply stating my opinion on the matter. It brings up an interesting scenario: Would Supergirl fans boycott the Flash movie (and miss Michael Keaton's Batman) to protest the lead actor's alleged conduct? Keep up the great work, Anj. Love your blog and all the hard work you put into it.

Anj said...

Thanks for the compliments.

I have had the 'separating the artist from the art' debate many times in recent years. Seems like this movie isn't condoning or celebrating his crimes. And I always feel a boycott against Miller hurts a lot of other folks too including the other actors, film crew, and even DC fans who need a hit to continue seeing more movies.

Hard decision I know. And I respect whatever personal decision make here.

SG Fan said...

Personally, I was very surprise to see SG-Sasha be Kara Zor-El. Not that I was against it, but guess I assumed she'd likely be some sort of daughter of Clark and Lois from some timeline/multiverse or whatever. So, cool on the film to have Sasha be Kara. Agreed, seems we're getting Supergirl in Superman's place with the 'Flashpoint' stuff, but I take that as win.

As to her killing some guys after just getting free, will admit, I'm willing to give some slack on that one. After all, we don't know how long she was locked up by whoever has Kara trapped there. So, I imagine one, she does not know her own strength, and yeah some pent up anger there would be a thing.

Naturally though as the movie goes on and she dons the family S-Shield, hopefully Kara learns that killing say Zod or whoever is not an answer...maybe something even Keaton Batman tells her (assuming he's the same Bruce as from the first two Batman films).

As to if you should boycott the film because of Erza Miller, I'm with Anj here. I think doing that while don't begrudge someone who feels that way, more hurts the other actors. Despite a bit of a feel 'all hail Batman' I am curious to see Keaton return to the role. Plus, naturally, my Supergirl interest wants to see if the first Big Screen version of her since 1984 will be better or worse. So, while I think Erza Miller is a douche and asshole, won't stop me from seeing this.

In a small way I have a bit more hope for this than say the SG: Woman of Tomorrow thing, as they do seem to present Kara flying alongside the Batwing in full costume as a heroic sight.