Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Review: DC Vs. Vampires #11

DC Vs. Vampires #11 came out last week, the penultimate issue of a series which has stretched my suspension of disbelief the longer it has gone on. 

Writers James Tynion and Matthew Rosenberg have created a world where vampires have utterly taken over the world. But some of the logic doesn't make great sense. Blotting out the sun will work so the vamps can work 24/7. It also would make plant life impossible to grow. How can humans, the vamires livestock, live without food? How can Swamp Thing remain incredibly powerful? Why isn't the world a frozen wasteland? 

Take away that main issue which bothers me like a popcorn kernel stuck in a tooth, you have the overall narrative. There are three separate plotlines. One, Green Arrow is trying to free a human farm in Kansas. Why Hawkman, the vampire lord there, hasn't simply killed Ollie is a mystery. Two, Babs is heading into Gotham to face down Dick Grayson, king of vampires. It is a '6 against a city' battle which seems like a suicide mission ... except Babs has been hiding Vamp-killing ordinance. Why not give it to the main army fighting the vampires? Why hide it? Lastly, Supergirl is on her way to Australia to get into a rocket to head above the clouds. Here we learn that aliens are helping the vamps so they can get off-world. They aren't suitable cattle ... that is, except Martians.

As the last few issues, this one rolls along quickly. You can't think too hard about this world without it unraveling for its lack of internal logic. At least this time Supergirl gets to do something instead of just cowering in the background.

The art by Otto Schmidt is quite nice. I feel Schmidt has amped up the rough or sketchy aspect of his work here. Guillem March's cover is very scratchy for him but it apes Schmidt's work well enough.

On to the book.

The book opens with a worthy moment between Constantine and Alfred.

There is something amusing about Alfred wondering where Constantine's booze comes from. But I love the general disgust Alfred has for John. Whether it is because Alfred has always been too fastidious or John has always been too rumpled, I don't think these two would get along.

As I said, Supergirl has been depowered and has basically been out of the action, always being protected.

Here, as her band finally approaches the rocket, we see her taking out the alien guarding the facility. I am thankful to see Kara finally getting into the action and being proactive.

Nice high kick there. 

But even better is when she uses diplomacy to talk down Lobo, the real security at this rocket site.

The aliens are working with the Vamps because they have been guaranteed passage off the planet. 

But Lobo is always up for a good scrap. Why not fight the vampires?

Love this panel showing Kara's bravery, hand over the gun barrel, ramrod straight, looking Lobo in the eye and talking to him forcefully.

Meanwhile, in the Midwest, Ollie springs his surprise attack.

Swamp Thing sprouts weapons. I guess these will become wooden stakes through the hearts.

But again, why would Hawkman leave the potential threat alive??

At least Grifter finally sports his face bandana.

In Gotham, Babs ragtag group finally makes it past the opening layers of vampires and closer to the throne.

Unfortunately, the inner circle is a tougher fight. Power Girl, Wonder Girl, Mother Panic, Mr. Freeze, and the KGBeast.

This has always seemed like a foolish mission. I have always wondered why everyone wasn't helping the Supergirl mission. I can't imagine the Bat-Family surviving against this crew.

That said, give Schmidt a Power Girl series. Love his take on her, even if vampiric.

While the other alien races seem worthless to the vampires, J'onn and M'gann have been turned.

With their telepathy, they sense the mission and know they must stop the mission of helping Supergirl.

J'onn thinks he has stopped them but it turns out that the cloaked 'Supergirl' skulking through the site is just a water construct. 

I'm not sure if that is part Jayna or if she can now manipulate standing water. But nice trick.

And that means Supergirl has been able to actually get into the rocket and launch it.

Love these panels, Supergirl's hand on the window as the light of the sun reaches her face.

I truly hope she is the hero of the piece next issue. I am waiting for her to never get re-powered. The bane of Supergirl fans is knowing she often doesn't get to be the hero. Or when she does, she often has to sacrifice herself.

Will this book end well? We have one more issue to wrap up three separate plots. Let's see how it turns out!

Overall grade: B


SG Fan said...

I definitely enjoyed Kara's role in this one. Her reminding her companions she still knows how to punch, though it now hurts a bit being a nice touch. Along with her working out their deal with Lobo, I think is setting things up for Kara to play a big role in the final issue. Cross my fingers its both heroic and not a she sacrifices herself.

Anonymous said...

I too will be disappointed if they job out Supergirl next month, but then this is DC, you have to resign yourself to the very real possibility. This series is absolutely meshugginah, martians and kryptonians are the only exception to the no alien blood rule, I cannot tell if Starfire is alive or dead, because allegedly drinking her blood make Grayson a daywalker, oh and Mary Marvel is NOT a vampire, Mary Batson is…meanwhile Billy Batson is not a vampire and Captain Marvel is…and does Mary lift a finger to help Supergirl get repowered? Oh of course not…that would be confusing. I think Batgirl is playing out an Captain Ahab obsession with killing Grayson while Mary Marvel…she seems pretty lost in her own self pity. Meanwhile the coolest thing Supergirl has done is six issues of relentless abuse and or damseling, is sneak aboard an off world shuttle and that even happens off panel…
There is a word for this, and that is, “berserk”.
I hope this is over next month, but there again this is DC, berserk seems to be their brand these days.

Anonymous said...

BTW CBR is insisting as of yesterday, that Supergirl’s shuttle is in fact exploding at the end of DC v. Vampires #11….I don’t quite see it that way, I thought it was busting thru the cloud layer…sure seems ambiguous to be sure. Anyway, being blown up in a refugee shuttle seems too clinical an end for Supergirl given the series’ taste for sadism and casual humiliation…anyone else see the shuttle exploding?