Monday, November 21, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving! A Supergirl/Legion Trailer!

 Thanksgiving is right around the corner and at this time I always hope that there will be some good comic news so that I can once again give thanks for this hobby which has meant so much to me.

As if by magic, last week the official trailer for the Legion Of Super-Heroes movie was released. Here it is on YouTube:

Now there is no official release date, just a vague 'early 2023' tagline on different sites but this looks like a fantastic.

Obviously I am a massive Supergirl fan so the fact that she is headlining this movie is incredible. Putting her in my favorite version of her costume - red skirt, blue shirt - is just gravy on the turkey, if I can use a Thanksgiving metaphor.

But I am also a huge Legion of Super-Heroes fan as well. So a Supergirl and the Legion movie is like peanut butter and nutella, 2 awesome things which are exponentially better together.

There is a lot to love in this trailer and one thing that I am not sure I like. But overall, I can anticipate owning this in some form for repeated viewing.

On to some details.

The one thing I am not too keen on is that it sounds like Superman is asking Kara to go to the Legion Academy to get trained. And that is because it sounds like Batman thinks she is too hot-headed and out of control. (We see some scenes of Superman fighting Solomon Grundy. My guess is Supergirl causes some damage in that brawl.)

It all sounds very 2004 to me when Supergirl was almost looked like as a threat to the world.

But I suppose they needed a reason to get her to the future. And I love this shot of her floating over the Legion HQ. Squint and you'll see Lighting Lad, Wildfire, and others! 

It sounds like some of the Legion has disappeared so the Academy students are being trained up to fight whatever threat is out there.

Here Timber Wolf is teaching some interesting candidates. I see Bouncing Boy for sure but maybe versions of Duo Damsel? Dream Girl? Stone Boy?

And Mon-El. 

Mon-El in the Academy? Crazy!

Anyways, it also looks like Invisible Kid II, Dawnstar, and apparantly 'Arm Fall Off Boy' (based on action).

Never thought I'd see these characters! It makes me giddy.

I am perhaps burying the lede. 'Brainiac' (who I assume is Brainiac 5) is one of the Academy students.

When Supergirl sees him, she flies right up and basically throttles him.

I guess if we are building on the 'she was alive on Krypton and saw Kandor taken' or the more intense emotion we saw Kara have in the Geoff Johns' 'Brainiac' story arc. 

I am not against this necessarily. She is young and brash and probably scarred from Brainiac so this is, in my mind, okay as long as it isn't a default 'angry young woman'. Cool to see her in action though!

And then my last guess.

We hear how the Legion is missing (even seeing a cool shot of Sensor Girl!). Then Supergirl says she has seen The Dark Circle, the big bad of the movie. 

I think a bunch of these Dark Circle folks are going to be the missing Legionnaires. And my guess is the 'real' big bad behind this is going to be Universo! 

We'll see!

Anyways, this looks great. I love the animation style! I love seeing all these Legionnaires! And it is led by Supergirl who is clearly the protagonist! 

Happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

Alas so far as I can see, there is no DVD issue planned, so I may need to screen it on line…otherwise vert excited to see Kara and the Legion back together again. This is the best Supergirl news we have had in a long time.


Professor Feetlebaum said...

Amazon has a February 7th release date on their listing.

Nice seeing Supergirl front and center on that Blu-Ray cover. I remember when Kara's presence in that Apocalypse movie awhile back was downplayed because "she doesn't sell", or something like that.

Batman would find a reason not to trust Sugar and Spike! Maybe his concern is due to Kara's inexperience and not her "hot-headedness".

Hopefully, this will lead to more Supergirl-centered animated films.

William Ashley Vaughan said...

I don't get the impression that Superman agrees with Batman's assessment of Kara as a threat. I think that his primary reason for suggesting that she join the Legion Academy is because he had a good experience with the Legion when she was his age and that she might feel at home with other teenagers with powers.

John (somewhere in England) said...

Amazon UK is advertising the DVD as well as the Blu-ray with a release date of 6 February.

SG Fan said...

I like the costume they went with for Kara. A mix of my fav CW suit, but also some trends we've seen in the comics (thank god no ridiculous giant belt!). A nice little homage there to the DCAU, with Kara jumping the gun going after Brainy...something she also did in JLU. While we don't get a sense of Kara herself in the trailer, I'm encouraged as she looks like she's intrigued at training with the league.

Batman's a bit too much of the recycled Michael Turner stuff like you said Anj. 'She's dangerous!' Has kind of been done to death with Supergirl, and kind of hoping that doesn't really get hashed to death AGAIN here.

Animation looks good, and selfishly kind of glad Supergirl is center stage on the Bluray cover. I'll probably see if I can give this a rent then if it checks out, buy a physical copy. I've been waiting for a real Supergirl centric animated movie since Superman Beyond (which I had hoped might set up a 'Who is Superwoman?' animated movie, but alas....).

So, hopefully this will be good. Been a year without any new Supergirl media (RIP CW show) so ready for something new.