Thursday, January 13, 2022

DC Superhero Girls: #TheAquamanCometh

It has been a long time since I have reviewed DC Superhero Girls here on the site. And I have been remiss in not mining this show for the joy it brings.

I sought the show out and have been accumulating episodes on the DVR with plenty of fun stuff that made me smile. I don't know if I will review every episode but certainly there will be some that rise to top and need some coverage here. There is a little nugget of possible Supergirl history in this episode that made me laugh. (I may be reading to deep into it though.)

And I will again point out that this is a kid's show with mostly one-dimensional looks at these DC characters. This brash, mischievous, rule-flouting Supergirl is a hoot. I don't know if I would want this to be exactly how I would want her in the continuity-based comics. But for this medium and this show, he is a laugh riot.

The episode I am covering is called #TheAquamanCometh.

One thing that has been fun to see grow over the seasons has been Kara's friendship with Garth. On this show, Garth is a late bloomer and no powerhouse. But he has become Kara's gaming buddy and I have seen episodes where she is very protective of him. This Supergirl makes fun of geeks but she is in fact one herself. That is a fun little side story on the show.

Here Garth is upset because he has been writing to Aquaman about his school life and has been fibbing. He has said he was everything from the Homecoming King to the star quarterback to the school paper's editor to ... well you get the idea. Impressed by Garth, Aquaman is coming to visit.

So Garth turns to his friend Kara, surprising her and making her drop her 'mystery meat' cafeteria sandwich.

Rather than just confess that he made it all up, Kara convinces the girls to try and deceive Aquaman into thinking what Garth wrote is true.

As she says there is (evil voice) 'deception' as seen in the top panel.
And there is (giddy voice) 'deception' as seen below.

I like that Supergirl is willing to go all out to help her friend.

Aquaman shows up and he is a total dude-bro in his tank top and pooka-shells.

Kara, armed with her headset, leads Aquaman through a day where Garth proves all he said is true. Diana pretends to be Homecoming Queen and Garth's date for Homecoming. Zatanna pretends to be his ace reporter for the newspaper. Bumblebee helps him throw a touchdown pass. It looks like they just might pull it off.

But then Aquaman wants to see Garth's Troubalert (a system to detect evil and a very nice Super Friends homage) in action.

To help pull of this illusion, Supergirl pretends to be Aqualad's arch-nemesis Ms. Mephi-socrates, her evil presence picked up by Garth's Troubalert. 
Okay, maybe I am reading into this. But this has to be a Satan Girl reference? Maybe?? Pretty please??

Supergirl even pretends to be defeated by Garth. But when Aquaman hoists her up on his shoulder to bring her to an Atlantean prison, the feisty Kara has acted enough. She tosses him miles away into the ocean. 

(Such a great screen grab! Hilarious.)

Incensed with that treatment, Aquaman comes back in his fighting togs.
And more than willing to throw down, Supergirl puts on her regular uniform.

They have at it! 

That is, until Garth finally stops them by saying everything he had said was a lie and that Kara was trying to help him. Rather than be upset, Aquaman says that having friends so devoted to Garth they would go to the lengths they did is a good sign. And after all, he is still a kid.

These episodes are always delightful with deep cuts for older fans. They are way more fun than the prior incarnation of DCSHG, bringing some of the energy we saw in MLP. 

And I have decided that indeed that was a Satan Girl reference made by a Supergirl fan in the writer's room. 

I am sure more episodes will see some space here!


Bostondreams said...

I LOVE this show, though my favorite episode remains the one where Kara pretends to be her Earth 2 self, Powergirl. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for getting around to reviewing DC Superhero Girls. There is some terrific Supergirl material in these episodes and I look forward to reading your take on it.

Professor Feetlebaum said...

She may be brash and mischievous, but THIS Kara is a heckuva lot more fun than the Kara we're getting in the "regular" continuity. I liked how she had a hard time pronouncing the word "Mephi-socrates".

Did you know there was a DC Superhero Girls Supergirl Christmas ornament put out by Hallmark last year (Christmas 2021)? I didn't find out about it until a few days ago. There was also a Wonder Woman, but I'm not sure about the other characters. Some Hallmark stores may still be selling them, but if not, there are some up on Ebay.

Anonymous said...

This show is the joy of my heart for 2021, yes Supergirl is massively off character, but the writing, voice performance & the sheer comedy of it, makes it all work for me.
And I even love the fact that all Kara's angst comes from a very simple place, she lost her world her family, she was supposed to be Kal El's Protector & Guardian, she gets to Earth and discovers their roles are reversed! A smart capable girl would probably act out, and this Kara acts out, mostly hilariously...but sometimes also poignantly. I love Nicolle Sullivan's voice work here, it's even better that Kim Possible's "She-Go" and She-Go was a confirmed unrelenting scene stealer of the first rank.