Thursday, January 27, 2022

Bullet Review: Detective Comics #1050

Detective Comics #1050 came out this week, a landmark issue! Detective #1027 and Detective #1000 were also landmarks. As the basis behind the DC of DC Comics, I suppose the title deserves it.

I read this issue specifically for the 10 page preview of the upcoming Batman/Superman World's Finest title by writer Mark Waid and artist Dan Mora. As I have said many times, I like the concept of Batman and Superman being friends and partners. I have always enjoyed Waid's works. And Mora's work is impressive.

Add to all this that these are 'classic' adventures, with a blue-caped, yellow-encircled Batman costume and Dick Grayson as Robin, I figured I would love this.

No surprise, I loved this. 

There are some interesting things right off the bat. First off, I read (or maybe heard on a podcast) that Waid was going to concentrate on Robin in these stories as an important go-between and touch of levity. We get that here. Second, the idea of a big bad manipulating things behind the scenes is always a fun mystery. 

Perhaps most interesting is that some of what we get here seems lifted from the Bruce Timm animated universe making me wonder just what world/continuity this takes place on. 

Lastly, from a story view, my guess is there will be a nice Silver Age pastiche to the proceedings given the importance of Red Kryptonite to the plot.

From an art standpoint, Mora really shines here giving us great action beats. Metallo is appropriately horrific given the DCAU feel of him. And his Ivy is menacingly beautiful. And how great it is to see these classic costumes (even if this Robin is wearing long pants). 

On to the specifics.

In Metropolis, the Daily Planet building is under attack by giant vines.

Poison Ivy is loving the sunlight of this city as opposed to Gotham. But when she sees a caped shadow cross her path, she assumes it belongs to Superman. 'We were told' Superman would get involved.

Instead it is her usual nemeses, Batman and Robin. Superman does arrive as well.

Check out that opening shot of the Dynamic Duo! Love it! Shades of World's Finest Dollar Comics!

Poison Ivy in Metropolis? Who gets to take her down? Does environment trump history? Or vice versa?

I do love the playful banter between Superman and Robin. I think I am going to like this aspect of the story the most. Dick and Clark would be buddies.

The other side of Ivy's 'we' arrives.

It is a very DCAU looking Metallo, half draped in flesh. Even his motivations sound like the animated Metallo, upset over how he can no longer feel anything. He looks monstrous and frightening. Great work by Mora.

I also love the sort of Silver Age 'I have everything in my utility belt' Batman. Yes, he was tracking Ivy since she left Gotham. But a defoliant bomb.

Reminds me when he used a Paraquat gun against Swamp Thing back in the Alan Moore run (Swamp Thing #53).

In a solid plot turn, Metallo says he has been tasked to inject Superman with a syringe filled with Red K solution. Weakened by the Green K, Supes gets an intracardiac injection of the stuff. Another great panel by Mora. scary to see our hero like that.

Luckily, Robin after initially being tossed off the building, it is the Boy Wonder who gets back onto the playing field and takes out Metallo by shattering the Green K. 

Robin as the biggest winner in this story makes me smile.

But that red k injection looks like it might do bad stuff to Superman. 

And then the mystery! Who are the bosses watching from afar? Who is the horned person?

I thought it might be Gog. Blog friend Mart Gray thinks Lord Satanus, which is admittedly a much better answer. But who is the other? A hornless Blaze? 

This did just what a preview should do, set the stage and whet the appetite. I can't wait for this title to hit the racks.

Overall grade: A

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Martin Gray said...

Splendid review of a lovely opener. I presume they’ll recap this in the first issue of the new WF.

Not being overly familiar with the DCAU, I didn’t realise that’s where the Metallo design comes from. He almost looks like a swamp villain.

If I’m right about Lord Satanis it would make sense for the other person to be an obscure Batman villain. But who? The shadow looks rather robotic.