Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Passing Of Robson Rocha

DC Comics artist Robson Rocha passed away earlier this week from complications from COVID-19. 

This news was staggering especially when learning that Robson was only 41 years of age, I feel like I was lucky enough to discover his art early and therefore could follow him to the books he was on.

But he will always be most fondly remembered by me as being the artist on the back end of the Supergirl Rebirth book. In those books you could really see his art blossom. 

He had that uncanny knack to be able to bring energy and movement to action sequences, tremendous expressive work to the characters, some gravitas to the quieter moments in Kara's life, and still show Supergirl's joy.

No cover better captures all that than the cover for Supergirl #20.

And my favorite page by him is the final page in that book with this smiling, graceful, almost balletic Kara soaring in the sky.

Shockingly good work.

It is funny which panels stick in your mind. But this mid-battle, upset at potential loss of life, glaring Supergirl panel always stuck with me. It shows just how much info Robson could put into the images, the knowledge it gives the reader.

And he had horror chops too. This Carrie-esque Supergirl cover is haunting.

His work was strong enough that I followed him to other books, one of which was the Kelly Sue DeConnick which had its own share of quiet moments, horror, and mythological brawls. His work sang there too.

The comic world is a little smaller now. His work will be missed.


Anonymous said...

Very sad. Such a terrible loss.


Anonymous said...

Yeah this is a sad setback, succor to his family & friends, peace to his ashes.


Anonymous said...

I greatly enjoyed his art, and I was delighted when he replaced Brian ching.

It is really a great loss. Rest in peace, and prayers to him and his family.

KET said...

Huge loss for comics, as Robson Rocha demonstrated a blossoming talent that hadn't yet reached his full potential. So much suffering in these pandemic times...RIP, Robson.


Martin Gray said...

Terribly sad news, I was always glad to see him pop up at DC, he made every book better.