Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Terrificon Prep

I cannot tell you how giddy I am to be posting a convention prep post. And for my favorite comic convention no less!

That's right! At the end of this month I'll be heading to Terrificon!!

As usual, show runner Mitch Hallock has put together a fantastic roster of guests. You can check out the entire show's slate of guests and panels here:https://www.terrificon.com/home.html

As I have said in the past, Mohegan Sun is a great venue for the con. The Expo Center is huge and spacious. The casino has every possible level of food options within from the finest dining to the quickest of food courts. It is easy to find and there is free parking. It is a dream.

But the pull is always the guests. And there are plenty of mega-stars I can't wait to meet. I have started the process of pulling books for signatures, figuring out which books I should get signed for friends, and contemplating commissions. I was truly hoping that the site would garner me a press pass but alas no such luck.

One of the interesting things about this year's con is that I anticipate it will be a bit more relaxed for me from a commission standpoint.  Here is the list of guests I already have a commission from: Tim Sale, Dan Jurgens, Pat Broderick, Dave Johnson, Khoi Pham, Jerry Ordway, Mike McKone, Matthew Clark, Jim Calafiore, and Joe Rubinstein.

That doesn't mean I don't have a few hopes and dreams out there.

At the top of the commission wish list is Lee Weeks. 

I have been a longtime fan of Weeks work. But I loved his Convergence: Superman and Superman Lois and Clark mini-series which introduced us to Jon Kent.

He will be the first table I go to in hopes of snagging a sketch. Fingers crossed.

(As a side note, I hope to get some of those issues signed by him and Dan Jurgens who is also attending.)

Well, this is going to sound like an evergreen post but Amanda Conner is going to be at the con with husband Jimmy Palmiotti. 

A Conner sketch is like a grail piece for me. She never seems to be sketching at cons any more and if she was it would probably be out of my price range anyways. But I'll approach.

As always, I will have books for these two to sign as I am big fans. I am also excited that frequent co-contributor Justin Gray will be at the con so I can grab some sigs from him.

While it is also unlikely that John Cassaday will be sketching (or that I could afford it if he was), I will investigate.

At the very least, I am hoping to grab some sigs.

Lastly, I have seen Michael Golden at a bunch of cons but I never seem to get to his table.

I have some issues of the late 70s Mister Miracle reboot he drew I am hoping to get sigs on.

A Golden commission would be a great get.

And as always, I am glad Supergirl friend Paul Kupperberg will be there!

Always like talking to him about Kara and other books.

Also hoping to meet John Siuntres of the excellent Word Balloon podcast!

Wish me luck and let me know if any of you out there will be in attendance!

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