Monday, March 15, 2021

Checkmate In June!

Back in 2019, this blog, and indeed my mind, became obsessed with Event Leviathan. I was going to solve the mystery about who was behind the Leviathan mask. I had a #LeviathanTheory and I was sticking to it.

Turns out I was wrong.

It was Mark Shaw behind the mask. 

But the Shaw reveal made sense with what I knew then. I followed Leviathan from the mini-series into the Superman books. I bought the followup one-shot, Leviathan Dawn, which was to lead into Event Leviathan:Checkmate, a sequel mini-series.

In this, many of the main players in the Event Leviathan hero squad teams up with some new faces to take down Leviathan.

I was ready. 

I found Leviathan so interesting, a sort of populist revolutionary asking everyday people to rise up against the insanity of shadow organizations and superhero/supervillain nonsense. Sure, his methods skew a bit warped. Maybe he is more anti-hero than super-villain.

I was ready.

Alas ... the best laid plans. The administrative and creative changes at DC Comics put the book on the back burner. 

So I waited. And waited.

I stoked the Leviathan fire, reviewing the history of Mark Shaw through First Issue Special to Justice League to Suicide Squad to his own book, Manhunter

And then, the news broke on Friday.

Checkmate is coming out on June 22.

 On Instagram, Brian Michael Bendis announced the book. 

I love Lois being front and center in the book. I love seeing Kate Spencer Manhunter ready to spar against Shaw, who so viciously targeted her in Event Leviathan. I loved Bendis' Question so I can't wait to read him again. And it looks like Talia isn't on the team.

But mostly, I'm looking forward to seeing Leviathan again. I'm ready.

See you all in June!

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Martin Gray said...

I’m looking forward to a certain henchminion!

It’s good to hear the series is coming out after all.

That Superman figure in the background looks wrong, something about the head - too big?