Thursday, March 18, 2021

QPosket Supergirl

Every so often I am reminded just how great the community of comics friends I have made through social media is. I really feel like this group is such a positive group, wanting to share in each others' passions. 

And I am humbled about their generosity.

The latest friend to thank is Herman, on Twitter as @IntoWeird, who sent me this QPosket Supergirl figurine from the other side of the world. He saw it; he thought of me. He bought it and sent it on its way.

That is amazing and really shows the positive power of social media. 

This figure is completely adorable, in case you couldn't tell from the box.

The back of the box shows the whole figurine, probably 6 inches in height.

I don't always comment on packaging but this box is definitely a nice part of the whole thing.

The figure is just completely precious.

This is my favorite Supergirl costume with the red skirt, pointed belt, blue jersey.

There is a nice little hands-on-hips sassiness to this. And the eyes off to the side make it even better. She looks like she is saying 'I see what you're doing over there! Don't make me come over there!'

I am extremely thankful this came with a platform and pegs! Sometimes these things precariously stand on their own.

The back is nicely sculpted as well. 

The hair is detailed and the cape has a lot of folds. These details on the back of figurines makes me happy.

Here it stands in the corner of the second shelf, next to other similarly garbed figures and statues.

I can't thank Herman enough for this treasure! Just a beauty!


Professor Feetlebaum said...

If you wanted to, you could have something like a "cute and adorable" section of the display with this Q Posket figure, that Mystery Mini, that little DC Superhero Girls figurine, and that Chrissie Zullo statue. Oh, and that Hallmark plush (I don't remember what it's called) could be in there too.

I've seen 2 versions of this figure on Amazon and other places-this one, and one with the costume colored in the darker TV show colors. I think the TV show one is more common, this one being a special edition.

Very thoughtful of Herman to send it.

Anonymous said...

yeah nice