Friday, February 19, 2021

Supergirl Sighting In Future State?

The cancellation of the Supergirl title.
The end of the Brian Michael Bendis run on the Superman books.
Future State and Infinite Frontier re-imagining the whole DCU.
No mention of Kara in any of the solicits.

It made me wonder if and when we would see Supergirl again.

Well, maybe just maybe we got a little glimpse. And in Future State Wonder Woman Immortal of all places!

In that series by Becky Cloonan, Michael Conrad, and Jen Bartel, an immortal Diana has witnessed the universe basically be destroyed by something called the Undoing.

Here she muses on how the Legion tried to fight this threat which ate stars. (Hmmm, big classic Legion vibes there.) Unfortunately, they lost. We see the scattered bodies of the Legion floating in space.

But take a closer look!

That has to be Kara!

Now I don't like seeing her dead. But these are possible futures and everyone falling to this Undoing is key to the Wonder Woman story.

But could it be that Kara joins the Legion?? 

You may remember that when I reviewed Future State Legion of Super-Heroes #1 I wondered who the armored Superman was. There is no hint of this being Kara in the Riley Rossmo art. But in bulky armor, that could be anyone. 

Given who artist Jen Bartel draws that unconscious Supergirl, it does look like she's in armor.

Now I would be tickled ... TICKLED ... if Kara ends up in the Legion. My two favorite properties in DC Comics together again for the first time!

And if Brian Michael Bendis is still writing the Legion after Future State, I would be even more tickled. He wrote a great Supergirl, the best Supergirl in 2021 by a long shot.

And I might remind you of this exchange in Action Comics #1027 between her and Brainiac 5. Maybe he is telling her that she is being invited into the Legion.

I also wonder if this Undoing is the 'Great Darkness' that Bendis hinted at in the Legion main title.

Is there hope here??

Is Supergirl going to join the Legion!

Please DC, make it so!


Anonymous said...

If its a good thing for Kara, DC will NEVER do it! As far as I am concerned with this "Future State" rubbish Supergirl's current scorecard reads "One Pet Cemetery Grave" and "One Corpse Floating in Space...likely about to be outraged" (to paraphrase Tacitus).


Anonymous said...

I agree that is very plausibly Supergirl, though there were some other Kryptonian women who dressed a little like her (and this Supergirl isn't wearing a completely traditional costume).

I wasn't able to clearly identify others in the panel but thought I saw the future Saturn and Triplicate Girls. Anyway, it's a good catch.

It's possible if DC has no intention of putting out a Supergirl book, they could add her to the Legion - assuming they want her somewhere, which I think they do, as they gave her a lot of (small) cameos in Death Metal, and a variant cover, and they didn't need to.


Martin Gray said...

I think it’s Supergirl, like Jon, she gets a 31st-century tweak, and goodness knows, Brian Bendis has dropped enough hints. But I do hope it’s in the regular Bendis/Sook version, not a continuation of the Future State stuff.

Anonymous said...

What Martin said.

Travis Bickle said...

I hope this signs will mean Supergirl returning with the Legion of Superheroes full time, and even more with her classic partner Braniac 5/Querl Dox :3 :D :)