Thursday, February 25, 2021

No Supergirl Comic On The Horizon

The cancellation of the Supergirl title.

The end of the Brian Michael Bendis run on the Superman books.
Future State and Infinite Frontier re-imagining the whole DCU.
No mention of Kara in any of the solicits.

It made me wonder if and when we would see Supergirl again.

I wrote that just last week when I thought I saw Supergirl in a Future State page as part of the Legion. Since then Supergirl has been announced as being a character in the upcoming DCEU Flash movie. 

I wondered if maybe we would get a new Supergirl book. After all, she has a show, an upcoming movie appearance, and a fandom. 

Unfortunately it doesn't seem like we will see any Supergirl any time soon. On its web site, DC announced upcoming series. Here is the link.

The announced books or projects are:

Deathstroke Inc.
Harley Quinn Animated Series sequel
A Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary title
“DC Vampires” (working title)
Robin and Batman
Joker: A Puzzle Box
The Legend of Batman
Crush and Lobo
Nubia and the Amazons
DC Middle Ages

Now I am intrigued in the Wonder Woman book. Will it be an anthology? Be a Wonder Woman Family sort of book?

And I don't mind Elseworlds if done well. But a monthly title might be tough to pull off.

I was a fan of Crush in the recent Teen Titans but I don't think I can get a Lobo book.

Deathstroke, Joker, Legend of Batman, and Batman and Robin all sound like par for the course for the current DC.

But no Supergirl on the list.

I thought we might get something in the summer.


Martin Gray said...

It’s all a bit rubbish, isn’t it. Could we all tweet Marie Javins?

Bostondreams said...

The Elseworld book is, I THINK, about the sort of 'counter-earth' that was mentioned at the end of Death Metal. It's the other pole in the new 'Infinite Frontier' omniverse they laid out at the end.

Anonymous said...

I’ll probably pick up the Nubia book, and the Wonder Woman book might be interesting but there isn’t enough information to tell. Otherwise the comics listed don’t seem to be anything I’d spend money on unless I start hearing a lot of positive chatter.

Martin Gray said...

And suddenly, a new Supergirl comic is on the horizon

Please God it’s not following up on the thinking behind the execrable Future State: Superwoman book.

Anonymous said...

Hello from a french fan of supergirl,

A new comic for supergirl in june, a good or a bad news ?

Another register, there is a video game of dc super heroes girls with supergirl, batgirl and wonder woman for nintendo switch. It's a little sweetneww in the supergirl world.

Anonymous said...

The creative team hasn't dropped in yet so we just don't know anything about this book. All I know is Bob Haney and Don Heck are both dead so they can't screw it up....



William Ashley Vaughan said...

Hey, I liked Bob Haney's last two Brave and the Bold Batman/Supergirl team ups. Especially the amazing Jim Aparo art. The woman of tomorrow title doesn't sound very grim at all. Hopefully, this will be a fun, optimistic comic. I just had a thought. Bendis is only writing one title for DC at the moment. What if he's the writer on this?

Professor Feetlebaum said...

I think I would prefer some Bob Haney style zaniness over the way Supergirl was written in her own title for the last couple of years.

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow sounds like a take off on Superman Man of Tomorrow. Let's hope the writer gives Kara a steady supporting cast and doesn't turn her dark or evil for at least 350 years. Whoever the new writer is should have a plaque with "Hope, Help and Compassion For All" above their desk.

The Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary title could feature stories from different eras of WW history-Golden Age, Silver Age, etc. As for some of the other titles...Crush and Lobo sounds like a bad law firm, while Nubia and the Amazons could be a girl group from the 1960s (Martha and the Vandellas, Diana Ross and the Supremes). Why Robin and Batman? Is Robin in charge now and Batman his sidekick? Will DC Middle Ages feature tales of Knights in armor, like the early Brave and Bold? Or will we get stories of DC characters in their 40s and 50s? "Next issue: Sugar and Spike...'Spike Buys a toupee!'"

Supergirl turns up on the cover (Crisis 7 pose) and on the last page of Generations Forged, looking very Silver and Bronze Age.

Bostondreams said...

Professor, you laugh, but there was actually a pretty good and fun Sugar and Spike book a few years ago. Even has call backs to their time as tykes and lots and lots of references to silver age era DC Comics (ie, the Zebra Batman suit, Wonder Woman marrying an alien, and my favorite: lots and lots of versions of the Legion!):