Thursday, August 27, 2020

Variant Cover Action Comics #1027

What has happened to Supergirl since her comic left?

Is the military still after her?

Is she still having hallucinations?

Is she still hating Earth?

One thing we do know is that Brian Michael Bendis seems to have her best interests in mind. She has always been portrayed well in the Superman books.

I was thrilled when I saw this variant cover of Action Comics #1027 on line. Once again we see Supergirl as a prominent member of the Super-family.

But the big thing is that it is drawn by Gary Frank!

I have always loved Frank's art. He did the early issues of the Supergirl series by Peter David. And he drew her when Geoff Johns helped reclaim her character in the Brainiac arc in Superman.

Look, I know I am searching for any hope, but at least she isn't in Goth mode.

I'll be there for this variant, for sure.

It is just good to see Kara back.


Anonymous said...

That's a stupendous cover.

I think it's already been mentioned here, but Supergirl is on a lot of upcoming covers of Action in addition to #1027:

Action #1025 Romita
Action #1026 Romita
Action #1026 variant by Lucio Parrillo

Tangentially, I stumbled on a number of worthwhile drawings of Supergirl on Instagram, and wrote a very long comment about it in yesterday's blog post, "published" it, and it disappeared. Ouch. I was going to let it go, but now that you are posting artwork, I'm inspired to try again.

So I will summarize:

You had asked if there was anything of significance at DC Fandome, and maybe I found something - a drawing of Supergirl that was apparently done for the event. I don't know if it was for the session that just happened or for the next one announced for September, or in what context it was or will be used.

Adriano Di Benedetto posted the inked version he did atop Adriana Melo's pencils, as well as a colored animated version. This is a more muscular Supergirl than typical, I think. The colored version is noteworthy for the red wristbands Supergirl is sporting! Have we seen that before? Really brings out the cape and boots.


Colored and animated:

Also, came upon a LOT of water color commissions by the very hot variant cover artist Peach Momoko. I originally posted a link to each and every one of them but that's a big job I can't really repeat, so if you are interesting in finding them just scroll through her whole set of photos. Which is worth doing anyway because her work is so good. There are Supergirls here and there through her whole Instagram timeline almost to the very beginning.

Just look for the blue and red. (Most of the blue and red do turn out to be Captain Marvel, which makes sense because Momoko has been doing Marvel mostly, and only now showing up on DC covers, so keep scrolling!)

I see some spam showed up at the bottom of yesterday's comments including what may be deceptive links. Be careful, folks.


Anonymous said...

Oh those comments are filled with malware. Now that I was able to float above the URLs, the 11th comment (in a non-English language) is filled with links to unknown sites. The 10th comment appears to have several links to McAfee anti-virus, but the URL is NOT the real McAfee site but just something that looks like it.


Professor Feetlebaum said...

This might be a good one to skip the main cover and just buy the variant.

As for recent events in Supergirl's own book, the sooner forgotten, the better. She cleared things up with the military, the hallucinations have stopped, she's crazy about the Earth, and is once again filled with hope, help and compassion for all.