Friday, January 3, 2020

DC Superhero Girls #PowerSurge

Last week, DC Superhero Girls showed an episode called #PowerSurge which is truly a love letter for fans of Supergirl and Power Girl. As I have said before, this show really leans into the history of these characters but also adds a ton of Looney Tunes fun and even a lesson or two.

I have been pretty thrilled with the Supergirl character as well. This Kara has a bit of a chip on her shoulder, stuck in the shadow of Superman. That results in her having a short fuse and a quick punch. As a result,the average citizen seems to have tagged Supergirl as a troublemaker.

While she acts as if it doesn't affect her, we have seen in episodes that she does take it to heart.

We start this episode at a Metropolis power plant where Supergirl and Livewire brawl. No punches are pulled here. Supergirl swings a girder like a baseball bat. Livewire blasts away. As a result the plant is pretty much demolished.

But before the entire thing falls, Livewire soaks up all the juice and unleashes a Kamehameha that seems to incinerate our Girl of Steel.

In the aftermath you can see why Supergirl has that chip on her shoulder.

Between the news reporter and the bystanders, Supergirl is called 'Superman Girl', 'Superman's kid sister', and 'Mrs. Superman'. That is hilarious.

And they also dismiss her efforts to stop Livewire, instead focusing on the property damage.

As for Livewire, she struts her stuff, boasting she has killed Supergirl.

Of course Kara isn't dead.

We see how much Clark cares. This is another hysterical moment given their relationship.

She slinks into the DCSHG headquarters where she is greeted by her friends.

But Kara decides to take advantage of what is going on.

No one seems to like her. Everyone thinks she is dead. So why not use this as an opportunity to start anew.

You really can feel just how scarred Supergirl is from the way she has been treated.

And then just a boatload of fan service for Supergirl fans.

Saying 'Revoekam', Zatanna cycles through a bunch of new costumes. We see a super-marching band-girl, a super-cheerleader, a super prom queen, a super nerd.

And then ...

A current belly shirt Supergirl (like in the later Justice League Unlimited cartoon).
A white shirt Supergirl (like in the Superman Animated series and early JLU).
And a Crisis-era Supergirl.

For a Supergirl fan, seeing all these on the little screen was joyous!

And then we finally get a look Kara likes ... the classic Power Girl look.

Initially, Kara takes her idea to heart, saying that she will take this chance to change anything people find fault in.

They all tap dance around her anger problem ... except Babs who really dives deep complaining about everything.

But she truly adopts the persona of Power Girl.

And even makes up her origin, that she is Supergirl from Earth Two!

I mean to see this and hear this on the big screen is just bananas!

Honestly, this show floors me.

Unfortunately, whereas Supergirl was lambasted, Power Girl is lauded. She is given endorsements, does public events, and even appears on talk shows.

And all that adulation goes to Kara's head where suddenly she thinks she doesn't need to be on a team. In fact, she seems more interested in being liked than being a hero. And her friends call her out on this behavior. Supergirl deserved better than to be forgotten in the wake of this Power Girl charade.

This ultimately leads to another showdown, this time Power Girl vs Livewire.

And this fight seems to snap Supergirl out of her funk. She realizes that she needs to be who she really is ... and that's Supergirl.

Using superspeed, she appears as both Supergirl and Power Girl in the fight.

I can't help but think that Supergirl saying that dying makes a girl think is a subtle nod at the Crisis. (Okay, maybe I am reaching.)

And then, the mandatory social lesson in cartoons these days. Power Girl says she shouldn't listen to the haters, because they don't know you.

It is a lesson Kara needed to learn. Her friends know her. They love her. That's enough.

Livewire gets defeated.

And Power Girl 'goes back to Earth 2'.

How cool is this Power Girl design in the DCSHG style!

Back in their lair, the rest of the girls hug Kara for being herself and coming back home.

Despite the hugs, Supergirl hears people again chastising Supergirl for the property damage in the second Livewire fight. She destroys the TV.

The show ends on this note, Kara yelling that she doesn't have an anger problem. That is the perfect finale.

Anyways, this show continues to just sparkle. I am tickled pink by every episode. But obviously, the Supergirl-centric ones just tickle me!


Anonymous said...

I record the show, but have to admit I gave up on it after trying one or two episodes - even though I judiciously watched every short of the Shea Fontana edition. Guess there's no accounting for taste!

But thanks for writing about this one. I watched it, and it was great fun, as you described.

Maybe I'll try again with the rest of the series someday.


Anonymous said...

"A current belly shirt Supergirl (like in the later Justice League Unlimited cartoon)."

Actually, Lauren Faust stated that suit is a callback to Post-Crisis Kara, specifically.

Scroll down and you'll see the Michael Turner's art used by reference.

Great episode Supergirl-wise and I loved the mythology gags, albeit I'm somewhat tired of Superman depicted as a jerkass. I know, I know, Looney Toons kind of comedy, but still...

Anonymous said...

Then they missed their design target. Turner’s Supergirl had a belt with belt loops, the one here had the gold “V” top on the skirt like the one in the animated series.

Anonymous said...

Alas I've yet to watch any of these from start to these summaries are very much a necessity for me. Its sort of funny to reimagine Supergirl as a rambunctious goth-bondage clown girl by a country mile.


Anonymous said...

I loved Shea Fontana's version and I love Lauren Faust's version as well. Both are different beasts and that's fine. I want to see as many different versions of Kara as possible. I love the sweet and caring person on the CW show and I love this angry persona as well.

Superman being portrayed as a jerk is perfect because that's how Supergirl sees him. She has always been in his shadow, never being given her due. So it's fine by me also it's not like I love Superman by any means so it doesn't bother me. Jokes at Batman or Superman's expense are fine by me too. They are just characters and if people can poke fun at lesser known characters then the so-called crown jewels should be available as well. They are not saints just characters and that too fictional.

Anonymous said...

On the midriff-baring Supergirl costume: it's true that it was based on the 2004 reboot that reinstated Kara in the DCU, but so was the one from the final season of JLU - and that costume clearly is the latter, because you can see she's wearing a red skirt. The comics outfit was with a blue skirt.

Also, if I can be honest, I don't like Supergirl's take in DCSHG. She's too brash and angry to be likable to me. If I can say it, she even comes off as bitchy sometimes. I like the mythology gags though.