Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Terrificon Prep - Early Thoughts

Hard to believe but we are two months away from con season. And this year the season opens up with my favorite show, Terrificon.

I have lauded the show in the past. It is truly a comic book convention. The guest list is almost exclusively comic book creators. And perhaps the best thing about the show is that it really runs the gamut of creators. We get golden age legends. We get bronze age stalwarts. And we get the current stars. Every time I think the show can't list more guests, more get posted. If there ever was a show to commit to a three day trip, it is this one. Because I don't think there is time in one day to get to everybody. It is amazing.

 There are celebrities but they all always have a strong link to comic books. This year the show is bringing in stars from the 1989 Batman movie and others.

And the venue is great. Huge hall. Free parking. All levels of eating options within the casino. And, if you are into that, gambling.

Here is a link to the site if you want to scan the guests: https://www.terrificon.com/

But this is a con prep post, which means I have to talk about my commission conquests and other hopes.

The top commission hope is Colleen Doran.

I am a long time fan of Doran. She loves the Legion. She was one of the artists on the recent JLA 3001 book that I loved. She is a fan of Supergirl. And her art is just dreamy.

I missed out on the opportunity to get a commission from her several years ago when she was at the Boston Comic Con. I won't let the chance pass again.

So I will be heading to Doran's table first.

Who else am I hoping to get?

The hard thing about who I am aiming for next is that I don't know if these creators sketch at shows and if yes, how do they run their list and how much do they charge. Remember, the more leg work you do before the show the better you can plan your commission run.

So all of the following are folks I am considering asking for a sketch. I am trying to do that preemptive info gathering now.

Dan Jurgens is a guest and he obviously has had a huge impact on Superman for decades. I hope he is sketching. I would love a Supergirl from him.

I am really really really struggling to decide what books to bring to Jurgens to sign. I have so many books I love by him.

I am also a huge fan of Dan Brereton. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to see his name on the guest list. I have a ton of books that I want to bring to him for signature.

Now I have a Brereton Supergirl commission, but it is from early in my collecting, on the separate paper, framed and hanging on the wall. I would love to have a commission from him in my sketch book. But do I want to get a second commission from him? Or aim for artists who I don't have sketches from.

I have been floored by Liam Sharp's work on Wonder Woman and Green Lantern recently.

His stuff is so detailed and otherworldly.

I don't know if he sketches at shows. I doubt he could put the intricacies into his con commissions. Who knows if he even does sketch.

But he is on the short list.

Of all the names I have listed, I think Mike Perkins is going to bubble to the top.

He drew the Bucky flashbacks in the Ed Brubaker Winter Soldier story arc. He is going to be drawing the Lois Lane upcoming book. And his inkier, shadowy style would be fascinating for a Supergirl sketch.

I think after Doran I might be heading to his table next.

Lastly, I do try to grab sketches from the legends when I can.

Al Milgrom is going to be at the show. I definitely have books for him to sign. I might see if he is sketching as well.

There are lots of other names I am considering but those are the top targets (for now).

Most amazing are the number of guests there who are already in my commission collection.

That list: George Perez, Paul Gulacy, Tom Grummett, Dan Brereton, Michael Cho, Dave Johnson, Jerry Ordway, Jae Lee, Cully Hamner, Darick Robertson,  Jim Calafiore, Joe Rubinstein, Howard Chaykin, Todd Nauck, DanParent, Barry Kitson, Franco, Joe Staton, and Mike Grell.

Perhaps I have a problem.

But commissions are only part of my convention goals.

Steve Orlando is going to be a guest.

I met him at Boston last year but I would love to actually sit down with him for a little bit of time and discuss his Supergirl run more in depth, especially with it a little in the rear view mirror.

But there are tons of other guests I am hoping to run into and chat with.
Anyone else planning to be there?


Anonymous said...

I remember those JL 3001 issues. The art was pretty nice, and she IS a SG fan. I hope you have a good commission.

"I would love a Supergirl from him."

I wonder what it would be like a "Hot Pants" Kara Zor-El drawn by him.

"I am really really really struggling to decide what books to bring to Jurgens to sign."

I know it isn't a particularly noteworthy issue, but the last SG #25 featured a short story written by Jurgens and drawn by Ordway. It felt like what a 90's Kara story might have been.

Might it be an interesting unexpected pick?

"Steve Orlando is going to be a guest."

As always, it might be interesting finding out what his plans were if he hadn't been booted.

Jeremy said...

I'm a Connecticutian and still haven't gotten to this darn show...!
Colleen is a treasure and one of the nicest creators on Twitter. She found my random comment about Laurel Gand and responded to me with a beautiful drawing from her files. That's class.
Liam is doing work on Green Lantern that is insanely beautiful. It's like his art exists in 1972, 1992, and 2019 simultaneously.
Steve's Midnighter is a fave of mine so I would give anything he writes an automatic chance.

Martin Gray said...

Al Milgrom could draw Seventies Supergirl meets classic Firestorm - Puffy-Sleeves Team-Up!