Thursday, June 13, 2019

Sales Review: May 2019

Sales numbers for May have been released and as usual I'll send people to ICv2 for the best coverage. Here is a link to their article.

It is an interesting month for me to look at as the summer events are starting to trickle out. Meanwhile in the super-books, Event Leviathan is about to take over meaning that the space race with Rogol Zaar needs to wrap up soon.

Supergirl #30 was a sort of closing chapter to her space quest as Kara faced off against Empress Gandelo and learned more about Rogol Zaar's part in Krypton's destruction.

It also had the major moment when Supergirl was just about to bury Zaar's axe into Gandelo's skull. Thankfully, Krypto used his good nature and his puppy dog eyes to not have Supergirl go the way of Rorshach.

So ... how did this rough, angry Supergirl issue sell?

It came in at slot 118, more than 20 slots lower than the last slot.

It also sold 18,443 units ordered. That is down from 19,550 from the month before.

We are getting pretty low in sales.

Will Event Leviathan lift this? Or will this darker turn for Supergirl once again lead to dwindling sales and the need for a reboot ... or cancellation.

I've spoken too much about this.

I worry that Andreyko will use Supergirl's book as a backdoor Manhunter book (based on the Leviathan Rising Special). I don't think is going to end well.

Last month also had Doomsday Clock #10, one of the best recent comics I have read.

It sold a very healthy 117,419 units ordered. Amazing.

What is more amazing is that DCeased, a zombie book, sold more than twice that!! I am not a zombie person so I am skipping this book (although I have heard great things).

Still, this erosion of Supergirl sales since Andreyko took over cannot be ignored. When will be see the Final Issue blurb  in the solicits?


Anonymous said...

"Supergirl #30 was a sort of closing chapter to her space quest"

Well, sadly not quite. But maybe #32 next month finally will be, if the solicitations for #32 and #33 can be believed. Fingers crossed.

There have been two retailer exclusive (and expensive) covers for DCeased #2 featuring Supergirl.

One is an homage to the classic Crisis image, and Supergirl is holding up pretty well apart from some torn clothes - Superman, though, is pretty zombified. The other is drawn after the much prized Adam Hughes variant cover of Supergirl and The Legion of Super-Heroes #23, though she is looking quite a bit less cheerful to say the least.

Supergirl has no connection to the DCeased story - so far.

All those retailer covers can be seen here:

I guess anyone interested in the Supergirl covers can download images from and, or eBay.


Anonymous said...

I'm also worried about this sales erosion. May it be stopped? Hardly anything is selling nowadays, most of comic fandom is gone and hasn't been replaced, and Supergirl's fans are sick of endless "Dark Supergirl" and "reboot and restart" cycles.

Ironically, Supergirl is more active in the bigger DC universe than she used during the Orlando's run. At the very least, her existence is acknowledged by other writers.

Anonymous said...

I don't quite hear the opening strains of the "Gotterdammerung" but the orchestra is definitely warming up...I hear them.
And without a team affiliation its hard to imagine what is next for Kara Zor El save the inevitable wait for the inevitable s**t hot creative whose "Fresh-New-Take" on Supergirl will clear the boards for sure!
I wonder has ANY creative at DC asked editorial for the use of Supergirl in their team book?? Anyone? JLA, Teen Titans, The Metal Men (she is the Girl of Steel after all) Doom Patrol...the Zoo Crew??


Professor Feetlebaum said...

I hope DC DOES okay a Manhunter book for Andreyko to write. While they're at it, give him an Omega Men book to write too. Whatever it takes to get him off Supergirl!

"...This erosion of Supergirl sales since Andreyko took over cannot be ignored."

True, but will DC blame the low sales on the book's current direction, or on the character?

I would love to see Supergirl on a team. Maybe Superman could miss few JLA meetings, and Kara could take his place. I wonder if no one asks for her because of the old "she's too powerful, she'll overshadow the other members" excuse. Mark Waid thought enough of Kara to bring her into his Legion book. And there was Justice League 3001.

Looking forward to the reviews of Supergirl 31 and Superman 12: "Kara Zor-El and her magical skirt" or "One skirt, two skirt, red skirt, blue skirt!"

Anonymous said...

I think we can all agree on one thing- as long as Superman is alive and kicking, kara isn't going to be put in any JL books, unless of course they do something like JL International (or was it Canada? I forget) or JL 3001. I think our best bets are with the Legion and with them coming back we can hope to see Kara in more team settings.

John (somewhere in England) said...

At least, according to the DC Comics website, "The Legion of Super Heroes is back". That's cheered me up.

Anonymous said...

“I know angry, dumb Supergirl with no supporting characters and unending guest stars has always tanked the book in the past, but that’s ‘cause it wasn’t ME writing it.”