Tuesday, February 26, 2019

May 2019 Solicits

The May solicits for DC comics have been released and there is a whole heck of a lot of news to cover. To see all the books on sale that month head here:

First off, the Supergirl solicit (after the cut) doesn't sound like anything is being pushed forward in any significant way. In fact, there is a line there that just makes me think that the creative team is treading the 'will Supergirl cross the line' story which never seems to work.

May brings us the end of Heroes in Crisis, a book which hasn't caught the world on fire. I wonder if this would have been better received if DC hadn't hyped it as the end all, be all. It also is the beginning of DCEASED, a DC zombie event written by Tom Taylor. I love Taylor but loathe zombies. And that feels so 2005. And, in theory, Doomsday Clock #11 is on the list.

But the big news for super-fans is buried in the Leviathan special solicit below. That news should make people smile broadly!

On to the books.

written by MARC ANDREYKO
variant cover by AMANDA CONNER

If you want to do something right, do it yourself—the crystalline Lord Gandelo is tired of sending others to kill Supergirl and has arrived to destroy the Girl of Steel herself! It’s an all-out fight as crystal battles steel—and Supergirl must choose between avenging Krypton and sparing a wicked life.

I suppose facing off against Gandelo means the arc might be coming to a close. But the idea that Kara has to decide not to kill Gandelo means once more Andreyko is trying to makes us look at Kara as an agent of vengeance and a killer, this after last issue she declares she isn't a killer.

I have said before. I'lls say now. And I know I'll say again. Dark Supergirl doesn't work.

At least Kevin Maguire is back on art. And I love this Amanda Conner variant.

An all-star roster of writers and artists highlight the new threat of Leviathan, but also tees up new ongoing series for Jimmy Olsen by writer Matt Fraction and artist Steve Lieber, and Lois Lane by writer Greg Rucka and artist Mike Perkins, coming in June! As Leviathan enacts a plan to take down Superman, it’s up to Lois, Jimmy and the heroes of the DC Universe to rescue the Man of Steel.

It's a hefty $9.99. But it is also a Prestige Format book, one of my favorite ways for books to be released. And finally the threaty of Leviathan comes to the forefront of the Superman books. What do you think is happening on the cover? Is that some Krypt

But did you read the real news in there.

A Jimmy Olsen book is coming written by Matt Fraction and drawn by Steve Lieber. Woo hoo! I have been a Fraction fan since his work on Casanova at Image. I can't wait to see his take on Mr. Action. And a Lois Lane book by Greg Rucka and Mike Perkins! Maybe we'll get the Lois we deserve!

art and cover by STEVE EPTING
variant cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL

Leviathan wins! After the destruction of anyone and everyone who could stand in its way—from Lois Lane’s military father, Sam Lane, to agencies such as Spyral and Checkmate—the newly reorganized and amped-up evil organization stands ready to topple even the Man of Steel! With a shocking conclusion that’ll affect the entire DC Universe over the summer, don’t miss the epic and unexpected conclusion to “Leviathan Rising.”

Great cover showing the weight of this Leviathan problem. Usually a shocking conclusion means a character death. Any thoughts? Amanda Waller? Ra's?

I do like the stories we have seen in Action of 'regular crime' and how it still can hinder Superman. Leviathan is basically super-organized crime.

art and cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO
variant cover by ADAM HUGHES
Named one of the best books of the year by Paste Magazine, Comics Beat and others, the Unity Saga continues! The drama of the House of El tears the galaxy in half as Superman and his son are forced to confront his father about the secrets of Krypton in front of the gathered heads of the galaxy. Superman makes a bold choice that will forever change his relationship to the Earth, the Justice League and his family! Witness one of the most important chapters in Superman history!

Even though Supergirl is on the cover, I don't think she is back on Earth. Too bad.

This seems to be wrapping up both the Jor-El arc and giving us some Rogol Zaar answers, so I suppose I have to be happy we are potentially putting that stuff behind us. But a new relationship with Earth and the JLA? Hope it isn't some 'I consider myself a Kryptonian first' sentiment.

Just had to share this Fleisher Studios 'Mechanical Monsters' homage cover by Adam Hughes for Superman #11. Too delicious.

written by PETER J. TOMASI
cover by DAN MORA
It’s the runaway train from hell! Superboy and Robin better hold on for dear life as they ride a 20-megaton cosmic engine of mass combustion (that’s a pun!) into their final battle with Rex Luthor! But Rex has got a brand-new army of shiny young super-villains ready to conquer all they survey…will the son of Batman and the son of Superman be enough to stop him?

Well, the Gang is still around. Looks like we'll get Kid Doomsday, Lil Clayface, and other new villains. And that sure looks like Earth. No surprise as we are nearing the end of this title.

Wonder how this will all end up. Sad to see this take on Jon and Damian end.

Anything else I missed?


Martin Gray said...

Stupid question - isn't Lord Gandelo a strange name for a female alien?

The Leviathan Special could be good - prestige format AND 80pp... seems unlikely, but that's what it says. I suspect the Jimmy book will be more my cup of cocoa than the Lois one, as Greg Rucka tends to go for more real-world stories than I prefer for Superman Family members... but I shall try it, Rucka's a good writer and his heart is in the right place.

'Named one of the best books of the year by Paste Magazine, Comics Beat and others, the Unity Saga continues!' What is this comic, 'The Unity Saga'? That's the story title, the book is Superman. Who writes these things?

'I consider myself a Kryptonian first' was my thought too, on the Superman solicit. It would make no sense on so many levels that DC will probably do it.

The Dear Justice League trade paperback could be fun, in the tradition of the Metropolis Mailbag issues of Superman. And the Dog Days of Summer special stars Krypto!

Anonymous said...

"Stupid question - isn't Lord Gandelo a strange name for a female alien?"

I also thought that. Actually I believed Gandelo was male until I read the latest issue.

The Supergirl solicit makes me think Andreyko has decided to wrap up his storyline in a rush. I guess some people could ask: "Ten issues is rushed?". And I'd answer it feels rushed when after six issues: a) very few of consequence has happened; b) Supergirl's investigation has barely progressed; c) the hunt for the data stones has been forgotten; and d) she's spent several issues getting involved in a completely different plot.

And that last line is supposed to tease us into reading the issue? We know Supergirl will not kill someone.

I hope this arc coming to a sudden end isn't a bad sign.

New Jimmy and Lois ongoings sound great. When was the last time Kara, Jimmy and Lois had ongoing books concurrently? 1974?

AC and Superman sound interesting. I hope Supergirl makes an appearance in that issue.

Hmm... Superman confronting his father in front of the heads of the galaxy. Maybe Supergirl will relate her "findings" to her cousin after fighting Gandelo?

Regarding the Super Sons... To be honest, I'm already tired of The Gang of Wannabes.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane books.

Supergirl has been a bit of a slog, hasn’t it? Really ready for this storyline to be done.

By the way, the January sales numbers are out, and Supergirl is back up tp 29k. I guess the Artgerm variant with Streaky was a hit!

Anonymous said...

There's the $0.25 "DCs Year of the Villain" coming out on May 1st. Looks like it's going to have at least one story that will be part of Bendis's Superman arc (plus other stories relevant to Justice League and Batman).

Some of the things I've read suggest that Villains is going to go company-wide; and, that Leviathan is also going to go company-wide. I hope neither happens! But if they do, that the Rogol Zaar and Jor-El stories get some resolution first, so I can bail on all of it!

As long as JL Dark, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Teen Titans and Wonder Comics stay in their own lanes, I have plenty of reading to keep me busy. JL Odyssey is also off doing its own thing - a book that is, so far, so lame that I'm purely hate-reading it.

Hopefully Supergirl doesn't get sucked in to any company-wide crossover events. I'd be happy if she joined a team, though - while she seems too young for Young Justice, her old friends Cassie and Connor are there so why not? Everyone is dropping in. Stephanie Brown will have an issue soon. Kara ought to as well. (Does this Kara even know this Spoiler? Maybe they can catch a film together.)


Anonymous said...

What is Power Girl doing on the cover of Superman: Leviathan Rising Special? I thought she is trapped in an interdimensional void or something.

There are 4 writers but 3 artists for the special. Makes me wonder what Andreyko's role in the special will be.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna throw out the unquiet notion that Mr. Andreyko has himself no idea how the current arc will end, this accounts for it's slow progress and repetitiveness as he tries to figure out an appropriate exit strategy.


Anj said...

Agree that I thought Lord Gandelo was a male until she said she was mother to X'ndr. Maybe gender fluctuates, like those aliens in the Ursula LeGuin novel?

I agree that this Supergirl arc/story seems a bit soft on the edges and might not have a planned ending. I just want to get there fast.

And yes, I saw the Dog Days special. Don't know if I'll buy it.

Professor Feetlebaum said...

Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen in their own comics? Amazing! What is this, 1958 all over again? I really like the idea of the Superman line expanding this way (better than just another Superman title), and I hope the books sell well enough to keep going. I doubt we'll see Giant Turtle Man or Elastic Lad this time around, but maybe Jimmy can put his old disguise trunk to good use.

Now, let's get the Legion back.

As for Supergirl, looks like it won't be long before this "space arc" storyline comes to a close (hooray!). I think it will last until issue 32, giving this arc an even 12 issues (2 trades). Six issues would have been enough. The Galactus Trilogy was only 3 issues and was a much better story.

"We know Supergirl will not kill someone."

I hope Andreyko knows that. I hope current DC management knows that.

Supergirl needs a greater presence in the DC Universe, and I would love to see her join a team. It could be Young Justice, Justice League, Teen Titans or Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band! Young Justice seems like a good fit, and Bendis wrote her well in Man of Steel. I imagine that one reason DC hasn't put Supergirl on a team is the old "she's so powerful, she would overshadow the other team members" bit. But you can use that argument for Superman too, and he's usually on whatever version of Justice League that DC is currently publishing.

Anonymous said...

Nothing for her 60th birthday. :(

Anonymous said...

Well, it was kind of expected that DC won't put out anything for her 60th. If I remember correctly, Black Canary didn't get anything special for her 70th or 75th anniversary as well. In DC if you aren't Superman or Batman then getting a shout out from them will need you to hold a gun to their heads.

I hope everyone here is right and this arc ends soon, I want to see her back on earth with her parents. I sincerely hope andreyko can see that there is a heartfelt story there. I also hope that andreyko won't make zor el be a villain again. Just let her have a good father.

Putting Kara in team books? I am not sure DC will do that, unless and until bendis pitches it or something since DC just listens to its hotshot writers now and I have a feeling that pool is really small, namely made up of Bendis, King and Snyder.

Anonymous said...

Not celebrating anniversaries is just a huge missed opportunity for them. They have nothing to lose. They are making variants anyways. Even if they just made an anniversary cover it would sell better and be free money for them. They could time a statue release and make it a commemorative one with a cool plaque. Doing nothing is the worst option for them and fans.

I never understood the point of all the extra imprints, but maybe it would be for the best if DC just kept the Justice League since they are unable to properly handle more, then distribute the rest of the characters into other companies with leadership that can monetize them and develop them.

DCs owners cannot be happy about these wasted opportunities either.