Wednesday, February 27, 2019

DC Superhero Girls: Get To Know Supergirl

The new take on the DC Superhero Girls is cranking out new material on YouTube as a sort of preamble to the ongoing show. This has included 'Get to know' mini-sodes about each of the characters.

And finally we got the 'Get to Know' Supergirl short. View here:

It is clear that Batgirl is going to be the straw that stirs the drink here. She is the narrator of these 'Get to Know' videos. And I love this opening shot of Supergirl rescuing Babs in a classic Superman/Lois pose.

Maybe if we are lucky, Babs will say the classic 'Who's got you?' line.

But the rest of the short gives us a primer on Kara. If we think that the DCSHG are in some ways analogs of show runner Lauren Faust's take on My Little Pony then it is clear that Supergirl is the Rainbow Dash of the group.

And that means Supergirl is 20% cooler.

What the short consists of are simple statements describing Supergirl with one or two adjectives while giving us a scene that relates.

Here there appears to be a wave of bunnies running down the street and Supergirl is streaking to the front. We hear that she is Fearless.

What I love here is the art with a lot of great forced perspectives and wild action. Love this as she veers in front of the 'camera'.

Later, she is in a junkyard fighting what appears to be some construct of trash and/or mannequins.

We hear she is strong as she flies up to the camera and bashes some construct.

Again, the perspective here is strong as we see her fly right up through our point of view.

And then we hear she might be too strong as she slams the Danvers' car door shut and bends it.

I do like the idea that she considers herself a rebel and the Danvers are all rainbows and unicorns and hippy-dippy love. That will be grist for the mill.

She is a rebel and a rocker.

We see her head banging in a club. We see her rocking out in her room.

For me, I do have to wonder if this will eventually be some sort of way that she is trying to differentiate herself from her cousin. He is the purest hero there is. She doesn't want to live in his shadow. So maybe she puts in this rebel person.

She also wants you to think like she doesn't care.

I love this emo look of hers, staring off into the distance.

And I like the look of the spiky, unkempt hair. It is sort of Saiyan in a way.

Even this look of the leather jacket leans towards Gotham Garage look.

But even though she wants you to believe she doesn't care, she is really a 'big softie'. We see her snuggling with two bunnies.

This very much has a Rainbow Dash feel to it.

As I said before, I don't mind a little feisty, irascible Kara in this show. The characters each have a role to play; Supergirl is the one who pushes the norm. She looks like she punches first and asks questions second. And she looks like she has a fun time doling out the super-heroics. Those are, in essence, small parts of the comics character that are just exaggerated here.

I'm eager to see more.
Big softie


Anonymous said...

Its fine, Supergirl as a meta-character has all sorts of facets not all of which are relevant at any one time. This particular Kara is more "Power Girl" than Supergirl per se, but this is all within performance standards as far as I'm concerned.

"BumbleBee" on the other hand seems like she was pulled out of a hat, way too precious character design.
I guess the rights to Lady Blackhawk are tied up somewhere...:)


Anonymous said...

First TV episode, titled "Sweetjustice," will air Fri, 3/8 at 6PM on the TOON network.


Anonymous said...

"Maybe if we are lucky, Babs will say the classic 'Who's got you?' line."

So are you implying a future Kara/Babs romance?


I ship it. If we can't have KaraDox, KaraBabs would be an adequate substitute.

Did you notice "SBFF" jotted down in Babs' notepad?

Anyway, my guess is Faust picked beforehand several archetypal personalities (this being the reason because Jessica and Karen have apparently swapped personalities), and she decided Kara would be the "Rebel".

To be honest, I grew bored of the "anti-authority rebel" trope long while ago, but I expect some nuance. It's only a theory, but I think her bad attitude is only a mask. We don't know her history yet, but it's clear her cousin has foisted her on someone else... again... and If I remember 2018's press releases, she craves for acknowledgement.

So she is an orphan teenager whose only living relative doesn't want to look after her, and whose shadow she is under... I can imagine why she would want everybody to think she doesn't care. It doesn't help her adoptive parents are strange but totally supportive, so she wants to be a rebel but she has nothing to rebel against. Hence, she being angry and snappy.

Babs' narration she is a big softie under the tsundere-, I mean harsh look makes me hopeful.

Kara's pets are adorable, but I wish she adopts a cat.

Anonymous said...

Kara and babs have always been my favoured superbat pairing, they are both on the same page regarding their moral and ethical stances but their personalities are different enough for it to not feel like I am watching two people on two ends of the spectrum. Personally my ideal Kara/babs pairing would be the Barbara from birds of Prey and the Kara from the show. The perfect serious/dork partnership without making it veer into too much edginess like Clark/Bruce. But I digress.

I have to say that I am intrigued about the show. It also seems to be a little bit more targeted towards teens I guess along with kids. If I can't have Kara on an official WB animated animated movie like Death of Superman then I guess this will suffice. Wonder woman seems to be the perfectionist here which works well, everyone else feels a bit drab to me but we will see.

Anonymous said...

The "rockin'" in her bedroom is 100% heavy metal, with a lot of skulls hanging around. And police tape. That's a style I'd associate more with the Red Lanterns than with Kara.

She shared a bedroom with Babs a couple of shorts back, right? Doesn't seem like these shorts are the real deal. We'll see what the TV show does with the material.

T. N.

Anonymous said...

Kara wasn't sharing a bedroom with Babs in "Super Sleepover", she was sleeping over.