Monday, September 25, 2017

CW Crossover Promo Poster

Just a few days ago, the CW released a teaser pic to this season's four way crossover event and frankly there is so much to love. Here is a link to the coverage at EW:

That is a Phil Jimenez poster completely evocative of the old JLA/JSA covers. The title is Crisis on Earth-X, also leaning on those old stories' titles. And Earth-X, the world where the Nazis won WWII, is a  perfect sort of villain to comment on current events, a CW bonus!

 And this poster is just comic joy! I love Barry and Iris in the foreground with the action behind. I love that it is a brawl that interrupts a superhero wedding, a classic trope. And I love the heads of the characters surrounding the action and looking on. And that is a boatload of characters! It's truly like a Crisis event ... just lve action. Young Anj never dreamed this possible. It is just too awesome.

I am still amazed that such comic goodness is in the mainstream!

But let's face it, for me the big thing was seeing Supergirl squaring off against Overgirl. Melissa Benoist had said that Supergirl wears a different costume at one point this season. Maybe she meant this? The mask makes me think we'll see a scarred Earth-X Kara, perhaps with the Cable/Magog deadeye? And maybe the mask will allow our Kara to infiltrate? This made me squeal a bit with happiness.

Overgirl appeared in Grant Morrison's Final Crisis, dying in her first panel. So I am looking forward to seeing her in action fighting our Supergirl. And it will be fun to see Melissa Benoist get her mean on like she did in the Red K episode of season 1.

Lastly, I just have to again give Jimenez credit for creating this poster, such an homage to the past and therefore beloved by old timers like me.

I just can't wait for this new season to start!


Anonymous said...

It's a very cool cover. I realized it was Jimenez's art right away.

Did you notice Supergirl's face is replacing Power Girl's? And The Atom's face is replacing Superman's? Brandon Routh played both characters so it's pretty cool of an Easter Egg.

God, these multiversal crossovers were so cool. Another thing Crisis ruined.

Overgirl's suit is rather nifty. It's a kind of "Satan Girl" vibe: the red and black colors, the mask...

A pity Superman and Martian Manhunter will probably skip this crossover.

I'm wondering about the latest rumors heard through the grapevine. the Legion about make an appearance? Yay! But it sounds like the shippers are about to have a meltdown. Alex and Maggie breaking up? Okay, I don't care and it's understandable. Lima wasn't intended to be a regular and it'd be pretty ridiculous for Alex's wife being permanently absent. Mon-El and Kara breaking up? Again, I don't care. I didn't hate it but I never was a shipper. But Mon-El married... to Saturn Girl? I get this is an adaptation, but where that came from?

Oh, boy. Imagine Kara starts dating a certain green-skinned, smug jerk-with-a-heart-of-gold. The shipping fandom will go up in flames.

Anonymous said...

I'm fine with Berlanti et al having a crack at the Legion If it gets that fanbase their faves back into the floppies....seems like DC is neglecting an important series of characters. SG v OG I'm down with that, as long as Our Kara doesn't snuff Overgirl...ya never know these days.
BTW these are the Allen-West Nuptials right? That'll be a hoot, Barry can screw up a two-car funeral looking forward to seeing how it all goes up in flaming chunks.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else wondering if Nazi Supergirl in Arrowverse popping up right after we get Nazi Supergirl in RL is a coincidence or a statement by the writers?

Either way, the way this must end is with hope and change. We need to believe there is a better way than punching.

Anonymous said...

"I'm fine with Berlanti et al having a crack at the Legion If it gets that fanbase their faves back into the floppies....seems like DC is neglecting an important series of characters."


Moreover, as far as I can see, the Legion fandom is one of the few ones that show some modicum of respect for Supergirl. The ties between both properties must be consolidated and reinforced.

I wonder what Legionnaires will make an appearance. If we're to believe the rumors, Mon-El and Saturn Girl will show up. I'd add Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Brainiac 5 and... I don't know... Chameleon Boy? Phantom Girl? Triplicate Girl?

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.
I think this looks great. I'm hoping we see some reverse COIE image from Earth X, Overgirl holding Overman's dead body.

As for the Legion, I hope we see it. My guess is Mon comes back with the team. He has forgotten Kara after 1000 yrs in the Zone, and is with Shadow Lass.
Just give me Brainy!

Anonymous said...

I would ship Kara and Brainy if the Legion happens, but with Melissa and Chris being a couple I don't see anything but Karamel happening.

KET said...

Well, some here have probably already heard the Supergirl news today that Bollywood actress Amy Jackson has been cast as Saturn Girl. But if not, here you word yet on any other LSH members.

Oh, and BTW, Melissa Benoist will also voice Overgirl in The Ray: Freedom Fighters animated series on The CW Seed streaming channel.