Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Boston Comic Con Recap #3: Ty Templeton Commission

The summer is my convention season and as those who have read prior posts know, I do my best to be completely prepped. I pull books out for signatures, attempt to line up some commissions prior to the actual day, or at least eye the guest list and try to work out some priority list of whose table I'll be running to first.

This year's Boston Comic Con was one of those cons that I felt a but unprepared for. Outside of chatting with Matthew Clark on Twitter beforehand, I hadn't been able to line up much. And I had a list of artists I was hoping to get who I quickly realized were outside of my price range.

But here is the thing. Sometimes it all works out well.

I knew Ty Templeton was going to be at the con and I love his art, especially on covers of Who's Who. I didn't even think about getting a commission from him before the show. I thought, for some reason, that maybe he wouldn't be doing them. When I found out he was, I jumped.

For an absurdly reasonable price, I got this full color, unbelievably gorgeous commission of Supergirl. From the pose to the expression to the detail, it all just sings.

I can't believe I lucked into this piece.

But wait, there's more.

When I opened my sketch book I found a loose piece of paper with this drawn on it!

This must have been the thumbnail sketch Templeton drew to get the positioning perfect. And it must have been his bleed sheet given the marker stains.

I love process so seeing this was just an added little bonus.

And so ends my coverage of this year's Boston Comic Con. I got commissions from Tom Grummett, Matthew Clark, and Ty Templeton. I got a ton of signatures. I had a great day with my daughters. All in all, pretty perfect.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's gorgeous. It has a Wayne "I'm walking on air" Boring vibe of sorts.

And that sketch is very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Saucy pair of heels on those boots (Klassic Kara always had flat heeled boots being a tall athletic looking gal not known for being self conscious about her height or the like :). Tremendous sketch in every way, "nice get"