Thursday, April 27, 2017

General Zod On The Supergirl Show

The news hit the internet last week that General Zod has been cast for the Supergirl finale and that Mark Gibbon has been cast. Here is a link to Supergirl.TV's coverage:

I shouldn't be surprised by crazy responses to things these days but a portion of Supergirl critics and fans of the show had a bit of a meltdown. Would Zod be a Superman villain fighting Supergirl? Would there be room for another villain in a show which already has Cadmus and Queen Rhea?? And why take time away from a Supergirl show with someone clearly more associated with Kal?

But I think there is a simple answer. I think his role is going to be little more than a cameo.

That is because from the beginning I have said that there is going to more to come from this Legion  ring so prominently displayed in the show.

And that makes me think my prediction about Mon-El is going to come true.
In the end, I think Mon-El is going to end up in the Phantom Zone and that, as in the comics, the Legion will free him 1000 years from now.

I still think that somehow the mystery weapon Lillian was thrilled to find in Episode 212 Luthors is a Phantom Zone bomb. Somehow Mon-El will sacrifice himself and be sent to the Zone.

But it may be that this is more like the comics and that Mon-El contracts lead poisoning and needs to be sent to the Zone to stave off the disease.

Either way, we will get a scene where the Zone is explained to viewers/characters and we'll get a glimpse of Zod. Maybe we'll get a version of the scenes from Superman II/Man of Steel where we see him get sent there in the first place. Or maybe there is Phantom Zone viewer and see Zod floating around.

But I doubt we'll see Zod flying around and getting defeated by our heroes.

Just a brief reminder about Mon-El and the Phantom Zone. He is sent there in Superboy #89, his first appearance.

Every so often he would appear in 'current day' stories such as this one in Superman Family #189 where he helps Supergirl out of a jam.

In most of these stories, we see him interacting with the villains in the Zone, such as Zod.

In Adventure Comics #305, he finally gets freed from the Zone, cured of his lead poisoning thanks to a serum created by Brainiac 5.

So my guess is the show's Mon-El gets sent to the zone. And please, please, please give me a scene where he opens his eyes and sees some figures in shadows saying he is safe. And just let us see their hands bearing the Legion ring .... PLEASE!!

Anyway, that's why I think the Zod thing is a feint.


Anonymous said...

It sounds a very pausible theory. I'd like to see that.

I wouldn't be opposed to a scene where Superman and Supergirl team-up to kick the posterior of Dru-Zod, though.

Off-topic, but have you seen the first picture of Justice League Action Supergirl? I stumbled on it while checking the DC Database:

I like the Matrix costume is becoming THE Supergirl iconic costume.

Supergirl-related, yesterday I stumbled on a John Byrne commission where he drew characters of "his" Silver Age. Superman is displayed very prominently -obviously-... and he is flanked by Supergirl and Superboy. Since I'm sure that Byrne despises the character by "de-uniquing" Superman (he recently complained about the tv-show "reveling in de-uniquing" him) I'm pretty surprised that Kara turns up and isn't a background character.

KET said...

"But I think there is a simple answer. I think his role is going to be little more than a cameo."

Actually, there WILL be a dynamic fight scene between Zod and the Supers. The show just filmed a huge action sequence on location at Robson Square in Vancouver for the last few days of filming, which wrapped for the season last night. However, there's a lot of spoiler stuff that one can glean from the BTS paparazzi who were there on the sidelines, so be aware if you are curious and start Googling for it. In essence, the finale is going to be INTENSE.


Anonymous said...

Interesting theory Anj, thanks for sharing. I'm also in the "Why a superMAN villan" again?" camp... but on the
other, between Cadmus, a pissedoff / vindictive Queen Rhea, an alien POTUS... I'm going into this with an open
mind to see what TPTB bring us.

And unlike the open question hanging over the renewal status of the series last season, I'm hoping with season
3 confirmed, they're going in leaving us wanting more! Not "will we see more?"


Anonymous said...

Huge Finale seems planned, Cadmus, Dominators, Durians, Zod, Kal El....they must wanna bump up the ratings by Main Strength...I still say they'll go for a classic cliffhanger, no resolution until the fall keep us in suspense, the early renewal allows Berlanti this opportunity. My question though, is Zod slated to be next season's big bad?