Friday, April 28, 2017

Comic Box Commentary 9th Anniversary

Over 9 years ago, I created a blog called Comic Box Commentary with the plan to cover all the comics that I was enjoying at the time.

Then 9 years ago tomorrow I realized the canvas was too big and decided to be a bit more focused.

Hence the vaguely titled Comic Box Commentary became Supergirl Comic Box Commentary. And that is the origin of my terrible blog name. I suppose I should have simply started anew. But I didn't think about it that much.

How long would I do this? How often would I do this? Would I find it creatively rewarding (the reason I started it to begin with)?

Turns out, yes it is creatively rewarding. I would be posting often and for a long time.

How people found this place I'll never know.

And so today I celebrate my 9th anniversary the usual way I do - by thanking everyone who stops by, reads my comic reviews, and deals with my ramblings. I love the community of Supergirl fans who come here and the dialogue that occurs. So let me give you a round of applause. I deeply appreciate you all for visiting. In particular, I congratulate those of you who read my long reviews!

I have become friends with so many people because of this site as well. From podcasts to con meet-ups to sending each other comic stuff, it is such a fantastic group that I am honored to be included in!

Lastly, it is hard to believe how far the character has come during those 9 years! I started this site because I didn't like how Supergirl was being portrayed in the comics at the time. I also wanted to highlight her oft-forgotten history. Now she is everywhere!

So I'm raising the virtual glass of champagne to everyone! Thanks for being part of this place!

Happy Anniversary!


John (somewhere in England) said...

I found this website and Supergirl Maid of Might simply by searching under "Supergirl". I get a lot of pleasure and information from reading both.

Martin Gray said...


I love this blog, with the variety of posts centred on Kara and her Super-Family. I've learned a lot, and enjoyed the range of opinions.

I actually found the blog by spying on you from the Phantom Zone...

Gear said...

Happy Anniversary Anj!

It's been years, I don't remember how I originally found your site, I think it was probably while I was googling for info about Supergirl back during the early days of the Gates/Igle run, but it was ages ago in Internet time.

Thanks for providing such a great blog and putting so much time and energy into it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations, Anj!

"How people found this place I'll never know."

Hmm... It's been a while so I don't remember well, but I think I was googling for a Silver Age Supergirl issue, and the search function led me to your site. Or I was looking for something in the Maid of Might site. I think it happened about the time Kara got herself a mask and a red and black costume. Probably earlier. Anyway I thought "A Supergirl-focused blog? Wow. Cool!"

I started to check it every so often, and now I do so daily.

Thanks to your blog I know more things about Supergirl and my love for the character has increased. I liked her before; now she is one of my favorite heroes.

"Lastly, it is hard to believe how far the character has come during those 9 years!"

Can you imagine your reaction if you went nine years back and said yourself the next bullet points list?:
- Joe Kelly's dark times are over and a new golden age is about to begin thanks to Gates and Igle's creative team. Oh, and check that "Cosmic Adventures" mini DC is about to announce. It'll be so good as the solicits will make it sound.
- Laura Vandervoort will return to Smallville several times.
- Supergirl will be a lead character in two animated films and several more cartoons.
- In 2011, Supergirl will be in a great place: a full-fledged member of the JLA, and in great standing with the Bat-Family.
- And then DC will reboot their universe again. Unfortunately and unlike what happened in 1985 -when the older fans were replaced by younger fans who embraced the new, darker and edgier continuity- the now older fans will not be replaced and they'll get disgusted by the loss of history and legacy and the darker and edgier continuity, so the reboot will fail.
- The new Supergirl will lose what progress she made during two years and be described as a bull-headed loner; though the writers will appear to be slowly moving her away from that... until an horrid crossover will derail her completely.
- Supergirl will become a Red Lantern... What is a Red Lantern? Oh, right, this. Yes, Kara will become one of them. And you'll like it. No, I'm not Bizarro Anj or Earth-3 Anj. If you can believe it, DC's mismanagement will be so awful and incompetent than becoming a Red Lantern will sort of make sense and be an improvement.
- After that, the book will improve, Kara will become a JL member again... and DC will cancel the Supergirl book despite of her sales being decent and having improved.
- Marv Wolfman will write a Pre-Crisis Supergirl story that you will love. Yes, seriously. And at one point Pre-Crisis Superman will tell his cousin how important and irreplaceable she is to him and how everyone are so much better because she is here. Yes, seriously. I know, I know.
- And then DC will change the outcome of the Crisis! And undo the death of Supergirl... Please, don't laugh.
- And then there will a tv-show. Please, stop laughing. Seriously, I'm not kidding!

It's been an eventful time, hasn't it? Here to more years of blogging and Supergirl!

KET said...

"Lastly, it is hard to believe how far the character has come during those 9 years! I started this site because I didn't like how Supergirl was being portrayed in the comics at the time. I also wanted to highlight her oft-forgotten history."

It really helps those who don't remember, or just don't know enough about the character's evolving (and sometimes checkered) history and significance among the comic book superhero pantheon...which is especially useful given that her publisher likes to wipe out their own created history from time to time, and pretend that some things didn't happen. It was partly why I was inspired to do the Supergirl: Earth Angel fan site back in the 90s. Glad to see that the tradition of remembering continues.

However, I always believed that the 1984 motion picture misfire inadvertently set in motion a lot of mis-perception about Supergirl's potential and world impact as a significant character in her own right. I'm very happy that the tide has risen on her recognition once again.

Thanks for being here with this place, Anj. It means a lot.


Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure Anj, this is my "Supergirl Headquarters" I seem to recall I found my way here from a link on the old DC boards, but I could be wrong about that. You are a Saint simply because you tolerate my repetitive posts with good grace...:)


Anj said...

Thanks for all the well wishes folks!

It's the conversation that keeps me going! Love the Kara-community!

Aaron said...

Happy anniversary! I don't recall how I came upon this site; I believe it may simply have been a result from a search. Anyway, thank you, Anj. I appreciate and respect your knowledge and reviews, and I thank you for putting up with my comments.
As KET correctly says, thank you, it means a lot. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy 9th!

I only recently found your blog, Supergirl wasn't on my radar at all until two years ago when I decided to delve into the world of comics due to the influx of it into my TV schedule.

I decided to give extra focus on one character as my anchor to follow through the world. Kara´s lovely cheerfulness won my heart and I have never regretted the choice. Every comic on the path has only reaffirmed my choice.

In these two years I have read most of the books from her first appearance to the current age and it has been an amazing trip. Your site and your knowledge makes this journey into comics I started even better. I may not always agree with everything, but your thoughts are always well founded, insightful and a really good read.

My only disappointments are I didn't find your site 9 years ago and fell into reading comics back then, and that you aren`t able to cover even more of her adventures.

Thank you for all your effort. Keep it up. You are doing Rao´s work.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!
I discovered this site after picking up "Supergirl" on the stands right at the beginning of the Nu52 - yes, I was one of those people who DID start reading comics because of the new number ones and the streamlined (in theory) continuity! Well, after a few years I wanted to know more about Kara Zor-El and poked around on Google, and found this site. (You've got pretty good search results!) It's been a lot of fun reading reviews, solicits, and retrospectives. Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Happy anniversary Anj. I've been reading the blog for years and love what you do. Keep doing what you're doing as long as it makes you happy!