Monday, December 15, 2014

March 2015 Variant Covers - Movie Posters

Once again, DC Comics has announced their next variant cover theme, this time for March 2015. The concept is brilliant - adapting classic movie posters as comic covers. The covers have been posted in the usual places and here is the post by Comic Book Resources: CBR Poster Variants

Thankfully, once again Supergirl has a variant, a small sign of DC's faith in the title.

But I have to say this cover, a Supergirl #40 variant of the Wizard of Oz, falls a little flat for me. It is beautifully painted by Marco D'Alphonso. And the idea of Supergirl 'not being in Kansas anymore' because she is at Crucible (I assume, the futuristic city in the past) is a nice play on her current plot.

But H'El, Cyborg Superman, and Silver Banshee in the place of the Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin Man? Why put Supergirl's villains in the place of  Dorothy's friends? Why not have Maxima? Or Superboy? Wouldn't cat-man Tsavo be a perfect Lion?

And if you are going the villain route, doesn't the Cyborg, an actual character who is mostly metal, make sense in the Tin Man spot?

I'll still probably pick it up to support the title ...

Here is the cover and movie poster beside each other.

Supergirl is also featured on the Justice League United #10 variant based on the Mars Attacks! movie poster.

This one works more for me. Maybe it is the tiny Kara. Maybe it is the beehive hairdo on Stargirl. Or the Martian Manhunter in the place of the Martian from the movie. Or maybe it is the inclusion of the rest of the team in the slots of the other characters. This cover, also by Marco D'Alphonso, just works.

Here they are side by side.

I had to include the cover to Batgirl #10 by Cliff Chiang.

Chiang, for fun, did his own version of this game a while back and did Batgirl in the Purple Rain poster. Here he updates it to the 'Batgirl from Burnside'. Beautiful.

If you haven't seen them, you should find Chiang's works, especially his Teen Titans as The Breakfast Club.

Here is the  cover/poster combo.


Anonymous said...

Meh Is's Been Done...Whaddya think the Helen Slater Supergirl Movie was, but a sort of variation on "The Wizard of Oz"?

Anonymous said...

So happy supergirl got a sales bump

Supergirl 36 $2.99 DC 28,373
Supergirl 35 $2.99 DC 26,371

Bartiemus said...

Supergirl and Justice Leauge United survived today's culling so happy.

But ditch the villains and Supergirl 40 is a great cover

Anonymous said...

Agreed Bartiemus she also a tv show in development for a character that started as trademark protection she is getting a pretty good push..

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cover, but isn't the domed city behind her more likely Argo than Crucible?

Gerry Beritela

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.
I'll be covering sales and cancellations soon.

And yes, it could be Argo. I wondered if this was more trying to tie into the current plot.

But Dorothy is trying to go home. Hmmm ...

DR said...

I love the Justice League Dark Beetlejuice cover. PLASTICMAN!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Supergirl "Go Home" at the end of the 1984 movie? Just sayin...Leaving behind her motley crew the Scarecrow (Peter Cooke), the Tin Woodsman (Hart Bochner) and the Cowardly Lioness (Maureen Teefy et al)....:D