Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lego Set 76040: Brainiac Attack - Supergirl!

Is it too late for me to contact Santa Claus and let him know I really really want this Lego set!

It features a Supergirl figure! And a Martian Manhunter figure!

And you make a Brainiac ship!

I don't think I want it! I think I need it!!

Here is the picture of the figure you get when you head to Lego. It isn't the New 52 costume and looks much more Matrixy. That is a big win for me.

And if you look closely at the box, it looks like she might have a reversible face. The one on the box looks like she has glowing red eyes and a stern look. The one above looks happier.

If it looks like this one featured in the Lego Batman game I'll be thrilled! A pleated red skirt! My favorite look!

Okay, I'm off to rewrite my letter to Santa!

1 comment:

Steve Rotters said...

Oh yeah! She has a happy face and a reversible angry face. Nice!