Monday, November 17, 2014

DC All Access With K. Perkins

We are only a couple of days away from the release of Supergirl #36, the first issue by new writing team of K. Perkins and Mike Johnson. And DC has been doing its part by drumming up the publicity. That included a live interview between DC All Access host Tiffany Smith and Perkins herself. Here is the link:

For me, this was similar to prior interviews as we learn about Crucible and hear that Kara has finally embraced Earth as her home. But there were a couple of things I loved here.

One, I loved that Supergirl's 'Humanity' class is her time on Earth. It is sort of like on the job training. As someone who went to a liberal arts college and was immersed in the 'Humanities', I loved this statement.

And to hear Crucible described as the child of Galactica and Hogwarts made me smile. That is an odd and sort of explosive conglomeration.

On top of those tidbits, we also get a couple of new images from the issue.

That includes this picture of Maxima ...

And this picture of Maxima!

Wow! She looks fantastic. Between these images and the pictures of Kara in the coffee shop, I think that artist Emanuela Lupacchino has really kicked up her game a notch. Unbelievably beautiful!

2 more days!


Martin Gray said...

Roll on Wednesday - I love that Maxima is recognisable as a spin on the original.

Anonymous said...

It's weird to finally see her after months of reading about her.... she's pretty hot.... sorry I, I had to let that out :)
In all seriousness though I can't wait, she seems like a good writer and the art of course will be great.

Anonymous said...

So the hope is that K. Perkins is a reasonably well-adjusted person who believes in positive role models for women. The character developed by a writer often is a window into that writer's soul.

Bartiemus said...

A Supergirl arc that is not a crossover and she is fighting side by side with Superboy take my money all of it.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments!

I am pretty pumped to see how this all rolls out. It keeps sounding better and better to me.

Gene said...

When I first saw this post I thought they had cast the lead for the Supergirl show.

I think Kate Perkins will do a great job.