Saturday, September 6, 2014

Supergirl Television Show??

This post has been updated and edited so many times I hope it still makes sense!

While I take every rumor on Bleeding Cool with a grain of salt, even I have to admit that the site is right way more often than it is wrong. And it seems it got this one mostly right.

And so you can imagine my reaction to this article about DC Entertainment and Michael Green pitching a Supergirl television show. Here is the link:

The article can be boiled down to this sentence: Bleeding Cool has been reliably informed by a comics/Hollywood contact that DC Comics is currently actively pitching Supergirl as a TV series, and [Michael] Green is attached. 

That one article seemed to blow up the internet with all the usual sites grabbing hold and entering an echo chamber where they were each reporting the others report. 

Then, there was an actual change to the simple Bleeding Cool rumor. It's hard to know who reported it first given the explosion of the update but I first saw it on  You can read that report here: 

The bottom line of this latest report was the Michael Green wasn't involved and that the CW was not the landing site. I thought that was fine as Green's Kara was the angry isolated Kara and the CW might make it have the dark tone of Arrow or Gotham.

But then even more news broke! When was the last time you saw this much publicity and rumor about Supergirl!!!

Much like this middle report, it is hard to know who broke it first. But here is the report:

This report had more news ... or maybe more rumor. From that article:

[Arrow Producer] Greg Berlanti — the top producer is looking to transition another popular DC superhero character to the small screen. I’ve learned that Berlanti has teamed with Ali Adler, who worked on his ABC series No Ordinary Family, for a TV series based on Supergirl. 

The Supergirl show doesn’t have a name yet. I hear the producers are considering several options that need to be cleared, including Super and Girl. The project is expected to be taken out in a couple of weeks and pitched to the major networks the way WBTV and DC did with their high profile Batman prequel Gotham, which landed at Fox with a big commitment. The Supergirl series had been in the works at WBTV for some time with Berlanti and Adler. 

Now this at least smelled a little more legit than the vague first rumors. And having a couple of names like Berlanti and Adler is good news that this might have some legs. But ... and you knew there would be a but ... it sounds like the standard DC approach to their characters on any screen. There might not be Super or Girl in the title? It's like the WB won't name them by the superhero name. Can't have jokes. It's like they are embarrassed of the source material. I mean why can't it be called Supergirl? Will there be some sort of 'no flights, no tights' rule like Smallville? Why not just embrace the character.

And then more news on - same link as above just updated further:

It sounds like it is really happening. It won't be called Supergirl. Adler is writing. And it is a "new interpretation of the Supergirl character" whatever that means. Geoff Johns is involved, which I am happy about because he has always done right by Kara (even if his new 52 stuff has been brutally grim).

Regardless, in the current climate of super-hero movies dominating the big screen and super-hero shows cropping up on all networks, the time seems right. Guardians of the Galaxy crushed the summer season. And Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are established on television with The Flash, Gotham, and Constantine right around the corner.

So why not Supergirl??

And there seems to be so much positive buzz about it. There hasn't been much 'why Supergirl' sort of downgrading of the character. Instead, there really has been an outpouring of 'yes, yes, yes'!

Well, I said it on Twitter when I read it and I'll say it here. I would love a Supergirl show. But I want it to be the right Supergirl show.

The tone of Arrow, the glum Smallville, the dark commercials for Gotham feel like the wrong tone. The New 52 Supergirl book envisioned her as a loner, disaffected, angry young girl. I don't know if I want that to be the image of Supergirl portrayed on the small screen.

On Smallville, the Kara character was fantastic, bolstered by her portrayal by the fantastic Laura Vandervoort. Kara had a bit of an edge to her, it is true. But that seemed to be a drive in her to fight for justice, battle evil, and do what's right. A passion. She was the perfect foil to the occasionally dour Clark who hid his powers forever.

Or how about something like Buffy The Vampire Slayer which seemed to walk that fine line between dark horror, comedy, and teenage angst perfectly without any one element becoming overbearing.

Call it "Kara" or "Super". Put her in Stanhope.

How about something like that ... pretty please?

Let's get a Supergirl show on the air. But the right Supergirl show.

Fingers crossed.


Comic Book Nerd said...

This news got me very excited when I first heard about it. You know what would be awesome? If they were able to get it on Teen Nick! I know that concept sounds crazy but think of the audience they could get and the future fans of Kara if they hit that teen girl demographic hard!

Shows like Zoe 101 are very popular on that network and it would expose her to the fan base she needs. If they went to one of the big networks, ABC is obviously out so I would guess NBC or FOX would be the most likely of destinations, but then your getting more 'grown up' kind of stories for Kara.

She's a teen girl with teen problems...only with Superpowers! Don't make her grow up too fast. I suppose maybe you could pitch it to Sci-Fi network and tell her story BEFORE Krypton was destroyed. That would make for an interesting spin.

Anyways you slice it, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that this project is successful and that it's something my daughter can enjoy with me.

ealperin said...

Agreed, wholeheartedly. With all said. You know what SG would ROCK in live screen format that's a mix of supernatural and super? Peter David's Supergirl.

Honorable mentions: the Kelly Sue Deconnick SG art before the DCnU. The Landry Q. Walker run would work as a kids program.

Hell, even Sterling and Jamal's run would knock it out of the park!


Count Drunkula said...

I thought the news of a Supergirl TV show was terrific. Then I about did a spit-take when I read the comments that the show wouldn't be called "Supergirl" but might be called "Super" or "Girl". I hope the transcript of the quote missed the humor because if they don't realize how stupid a Supergirl show--or ANY series--just called "Girl" sounds, they are not mentally competent enough to drive at night let alone helm a television series.

The other quote I have concerns about is the "new interpretation of Supergirl". I want to believe that's just standard studio talk for "not based on any specific Supergirl stories from the comics". I want to believe that, but I have a nagging suspicion it'll be closer to changing the character so much she's barely recognizable as Superman's cousin. They could borrow one of Power Girl's origins, like make her a super powered clone (or lost princess from Atlantis). I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to cannibalize a lot of the ideas from the scrubbed Wonder Woman and Amazon comic shows.

I want this show to work and I want it to be great. I'm just so trepidatious about anything from DC Entertainment right now.

Anonymous said...

I'm 100% i agreement with our host, I want a Supergirl TV show, but I want "The Right One" as well, and the production team as cited to date has a very uneven track record to be charitable. Which is sad because TV is Supergirl's natural venue much moreso than a big budget movie...we can argue that cousin Kara's return to the DCU in 2004 was more or less brokered by Bruce Timm's "Superman the Animated Series" which conclusively demonstrated the original's ongoing appeal.
Well what of it? It's a fifty fifty shot the script gets written, another fifty fifty shot that the pilot gets made ANOTHER fifty fifty shot that the series gets picked up to say nothing of becoming a rating success or being worth watching to the fanbase....

Saranga said...

Well, this news has cheered me up when I've been having an otherwise pretty crappy day. I'l take any Kara tv show.

Thomas Hayes said...

Fingers crossed. I don't care what liberties they take with the source material as long as they add to rather than subtract from the experience, so let's wait and see what they do and if it gets put into production.

Gene said...

Color me skeptical until I see the “Coming this fall on…” preview. It would be intriguing if the show was set in a universe without Superman. They could call it “Maid of Might” but then some comic book illiterate producer might make Kara an actual maid by day at Stanhope Manor and a super powered crime fighter by night. If it does get the green light I would feel better if Sterling Gates and/or Landry Walker were “Creative Consultants” for the show.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the previous posters... GREAT NEWS! But trying to take this with one hell of a saltmine.
I've seen other announcements of "putting together a movie/tv series/comic/[insert here] for X,"
then any further developments falling from the face of the earth.

And I'm with JF that _IF_ it clears the requisite hurdles, will it be the right Supergirl? Or
will it be so butchered/blended/maimed/twisted/skewered beyond recognition by competing interests
as to turn everyone off... and TPTB simply disowning any future ventures with our beloved superheroine
for another 20-odd years.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Wouldn't changing the origin and the way they want to avoid using the words SUPER or GIRL make one think that they are simply distancing themselves from a character created by Jerry Seigel? Or "by arrangements with the Seigel family"? That was my take on it. Particularly re: avoiding the name itself.

Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments!

Sounds like we all have the same mix of excitement and trepidation.

I imagine that the powers that be might be worried that, as a name, 'Supergirl' to the uninitiated might sound too kiddish or too corny so they might avoid it.

But if the origin is too corrupted, I'd rather they simple stay away from linking it to the property at all and call it mega-girl and have it be original. Either it is Supergirl ... or it isn't.

And I suppose it is easy for me to say 'be like Buffy' since that seemed like a perfect storm.

But, if it happens, there better be an S-shield! None of this 'blur' or avoiding the legacy.

Maya said...

Well said! I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

As for a Supergirl TV show, you don't know those Hollywood types could do for her (or do to her)so I am hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

Bartiemus said...

I'm hoping we get a show if only to keep her comic safe from cancelation all though going by the numbers it is actually growing if somewhat rather slowly.

We might just make 50 issues yet now if the book could get out of cross over mode it has been stuck in for last two years let Kara do her own thing now she is on Justice League United

Anj said...

Thanks for continued comments. I certainly know that things can be bad when it comes to Supergirl. I hope it will be the right sort of show.

And fingers crossed that the book will make #50. But who knows.

Manu said...

I'd like to see Molly Quinn portraying Kara. She could be perfect for the part, as she has already voiced the character, and she looks like her, without any doubt.

Argocitycub2014 said...

Hello Here is my thoughts on if it happens

Here is my rant over this so called news on the possibility of a "Supergirl" TV series.

I personally hope that it wont be based on the fucked up New 52 version because I seriously hate that fucking comic and I hate what DC has done to one of my favorite DC comics characters.

Instead what I would like to see done and I hope the fans do, is a TV series based on the 1959 version of Supergirl or based on the Smallville version of the character as I thought they did a good job at handling her character However i still hate that they changed her character's history by stating that she is from Kandor and not Argo City. Why they changed it? I will never know but if they decide to do a show based on the Smallville version of her, I hope they recon it and state she is from Argo City.

Here is what I would like to see if this series is created

1. Argo City(Hometown of Supergirl cast off when Krypton exploded)
2. Blue or red Kilt/Skirt
3. Her 1959-1984 rogues gallery but updated (Blackstarr,The Gang,Matrix-Prime,Decay,Reactron and a few others.
4. her sidekick should be Lena Thoul( who is if anyone knows Lex Luthor's sister)
5 If they are trying to make the series like Smallville or Gotham then the series should be called "Midvale" since that is where most of Supergirl's adventure's took place and it should be based on her times in the orphanage or with her adoptive parents: The Danvers
6. Give the series a chance to grow in storyline, (if they can make Arrow a hit with its different versions of storylines then they can do the same for Supergirl)
7. Bring in characters from the movie and the comics as friends or allies(Lucy Lane, Myra and Muffy, Selena, Bianca, Nigel, Zaltar,and others)
But don't bring plot points from the movie into the series.
8. Bring back Jerry Goldsmith's main theme and love theme but arranging differently or updated!

Here is what I don't want to see if this series is made

1. No fucking New 52 anything, (go back to basics and bring back a character that was loved in 1959-1984)
2 NO fucking Jockstrap costume, Supergirl is a girl,not a fucking man
3. No whining or complaining or bitching Supergirl. (Another reason I dislike the new 52 Supergirl)
4. No tossing her homeworld "Argo City" into a blue sun or blowing it up. Sure it's a dead chuck with people who have died of KR Poisoning but it could make a good storyline later on in the series.
5. No short hair!

That's my rant and I know that this is a fictional character but when it comes to my favorite characters I am very passionate and opinionated as well. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Why can't DC realize that they are sitting on a potential gold mine? If they make Supergirl/Kara strong,likeable and confident, they could attract legions of women to watch. Just like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They could bring in new people who may not normally read and follow comic books.

Anj said...

Thanks for more comments! Love the passion!

Manu - I thought long and hard about Quinn. While a redhead, she would be great for the character. I would be able look past the hair color! Or maybe call her a strawberry blond in my mind!

Argocitycub: I like your passion ... even if the language is saltier than I usually use. But I agree with much of the sentiment.

ealperin said...

I, for one, would LOVE to see Peter David's Supergirl/Linda Danvers (along with her supporting cast) up on the small screen.

Peter's series was just SO diverse at the time-

(mid to late 90's to early 00's)

(Added brownie points for positive portrayals [for the most part] of GLBTQUAPI inclusion with Blithe & Andy/Comet, & just great characters to bounce off of like Wally The God-boy, Cutter Sharpe, & Mattie Harcourt)

-and you had action, comedy and drama to boot, throughout it's 80 issues (plus crossovers and cameo appearances)!


William Ashley Vaughan said...

I am encouraged that Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler are the ones developing the new Supergirl show. They did a terrific job of writing and producing an entertaining, non-grim and gritty superhero show-especially in the last episodes when the interesting concept, likeable characters, and decently-crafted plotting finally came together into a satisfying whole. I have always wish that show hadn't been cancelled. They are entirely capable of a modern version of the classic Silver Age Supergirl if that's what they have in mind.

William Ashley Vaughan said...

Should have mentioned that the name of Berlanti and Adler's previous superhero show was No Ordinary Family.

Anonymous said...

I thought long and hard about Quinn.

Anwar Fazil said...
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Manu said...

Oh, Anj, I guess Molly could dye her hair in blonde without any problem ! I don't have information about her, or her private life, but she seems to project all the elements that characterize Supergirl. Youth, innocence, joy, good mood, inner and outside beauty too. I think she could be the perfect actress for the part. I don't see someone else, in fact.