Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New 52 Supergirl Action Figure

There has been a recent surge in collectibles of Supergirl in her New 52 costume. Between the Artgerm statue, the Kotobukiya statue, and this New 52 action figure, that corner of my collection wearing that costume has grown.

The figure itself comes in a nice clean package. I do like how the front has the 'peel' appeal of the DC logo. I don't quite understand the Kryptonite shard included with the figure. Could it be some sort of homage to the odious 'stab H'El in the chest' moment in the books?

And I can't believe I just remembered H'El on Earth. Yeesh.

I do like the figure quite a bit, even if I am not to fond of the costume itself.

The low point of the figure is the 'crazy eyes' look she has on close up. Maybe she is wide-eyed about how much she loves Earth? (I can dream).

The metallic gloss red works well with the boots and costume elements but it unfortunately stands in contrast to the matte red cape. And the hair invokes Mahmud Asrar's excellent art.

For some reason, I like the look of this figure more at an angle.

This looks more heroic than head on ... at least for me.

The cape itself is pretty simple with a couple of folds. Nice gold edging though.

And so you see that there are now several pieces in the New 52 corner of the shrine.

These are all really excellent pieces. DC has done a good job with the collectibles of the New 52 costume. That said, I still wouldn't mind seeing it go away.

Bring back the red skirt/full shirt Matrix costume!


Thomas Hayes said...

The eyes seem to be the most frequently criticised aspect of this figure. On some of the figures I've seen pictures of, they're not even straight or focused.

mhr said...

why keep calling it the 'Matrix' costume if it was first released for the film ? the 'Matrix' costume is a variation of the movie costume.

Bartiemus said...

Not a fan of the Kryptonite or the angry eyes I'll just stick to the Artfx+ Satue for now. Anj I reckon we will get a new costume sooner rather than later something a bit more TV friendly.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

The Artfx statue is slick.

I know it is basically the Slater costume, but the pointy sleeves and pointy belt is pure Matrix.

We'll see if they include the s-shield in the show. They better!

Anonymous said...

Pants sold separately....

Maverick05 said...

I am still waiting for Kotobukiya to make a Bishoujo of the red lantern Kara. :3