Monday, July 28, 2014

SDCC 2014 Supergirl News So Far (Or Lack Thereof)- Oh Yeah, And Wonder Woman

There has been a lot of news coming out of the San Diego Comic Con this year, a lot of it around Wonder Woman in Dawn of Justice as well as Batman comics and Marvel movies.

But I hdidn't much about about Supergirl. I wonder if I have missed some part of a crucial panel about the super-books. Geoff Johns did talk a little Superman at a general DC panel and there was a generic sounding Superman panel.

So I don't have much to report on Supergirl here outside of two pictures from the con, both of which make me jealous of whoever has them.

Jim Lee did 50 quick sketches and hid them around the convention site for people to find. Lee tweeted out both the sketch and the general area where it could be found. One of them was this New 52 Supergirl. That would be a pretty cool find while wandering around!

Now a couple of weeks ago I wrote how Smallville cover artist Cat Staggs was on my wish list for commissions at the Boston Comic-Con.

Staggs tweeted her first commission of the SDCC, this pre-New 52 Supergirl. It is stunning and shows exactly why I hope she is sketching in a couple of weeks.

Anyways, if anyone caught any Supergirl news from the convention please let me know or include a link!

I am probably burying the lead ... but this is a Supergirl blog.

We finally got a sneak peek at Gal Gadot in her Wonder Woman costume for the upcoming Batman v. Superman:Dawn of Justice movie.

So ...

I was absolutely worried that the Wonder Woman costume would be horrible. And so, going in with that fear, I saw this and was pleased. There is definitely a specific Greek feel to this look and Gadot looks strong and fierce.

Yes, I wish there was more color, more red and blue. This muted color thing by Snyder is terrible. Is this whole world brown and gray?

And yes, she is wearing heeled/wedged shoes. Seems foolish to me. But it isn't a deal breaker to me because this could have been much worse.

Now I know that response to this has been dramatic and somewhat heated and negative, especially from hard-core Wonder Woman people whose opinions I respect. But I thought this was fine.

But otherwise there isn't much to report about Superman. Johns' was in the Champions of Justice panel.
Here is what he had to say:

 "We sat down and read every Superman comic from the New 52 and plotted the course of who that character is and what he's been through." Johns said that the human side of Clark Kent had been taken out of the series, but their new take on the Daily Planet staff will help bridge that gap. Coming up is a big change for Jimmy Olsen, which Johns referred to saying, "Dare I say it, it's bigger than Turtle Boy."

So one thing I have complained about is the lack of humanity and empathy in the New 52 Superman. So to actually hear Johns say that he is using the Planet staff to humanize Clark makes me happy.

At the same time, DC All Access came out with a video interview with Johns, John Romita Jr, and Klaus Janson. Here is the link:

It is interesting to see the three interact, especially the general lack of involvement by Romita. But it is here that again we hear that the villain I thought was a new Cleric with a second villain in Toyman in the arc is actually a new villain named the Machinist.

And, there was indeed a Superman panel, covered here by CBR here. But there really is nothing major revealed or discussed here. Worth reading for completeness sake I guess.


Martin Gray said...

Dead on, no real Supergirl news, but still, more of interest than last year when, watching from the UK, the whole thing seemed most exceeding dull.

Those sketches are really rather nice, I do hope we get Cat Staggs to draw an annual or something, sometime.

And yes, it's great to hear Geoff Johns plans to make Superman more of a people person. Maybe we"ll see a moratorium on the US Afmy shooting at Clark, too.

Thomas Hayes said...

I didn't see anything about Supergirl at all mentioned in the coverage. Not a peep.

Anonymous said...

A little spoiler for you, "Smallville: Chaos" last cover:

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.
And love that Staggs cover anon! Thanks for sharing!

Jay said...

I loved the WW reveal and the the trailer and such, but still, at my core I am the biggest fan of these characters on the printed page. So getting virtually nothing on that end was a disappointment. But expected, since its been that way for a while now.

Bartiemus said...

I suppose no news is good news?

Just let Supergirl be on her own for a while now that she is on JLU.

I'm getting tired of the constant cross overs.

Anj said...

Jay - SDCC seems to be less about comics and more about movies,etc these days. It is a shame.

Bart - Like you, I am hoping Supergirl's book grows on its own. I still think it would have been nice to have someone from the team at the con promoting the book. Bummer.