Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sales Review: June 2014

The buzz last month for DC Comics was around the multiple Bombshell covers that graced some titles. In a brilliant marketing move, DC made the covers not true rare variants but rather available in a 1:1 ration with the 'normal' covers. As a result, readers who are completists might buy both covers and not break the bank. And stores most likely ordered a bit more heavily to cover that possibility.

It seemed to work as most of the titles with a bombshell cover got a nice little boost in sales. Here is the sales coverage for June 2014 on ICv2:

I still think this was something of a wasted opportunity to cast some light on the Supergirl book, even if it was through something as gimmick-y as a Bombshell cover. Red Daughter has been a very good story. Any publicity is good publicity.

Supergirl #33 was the penultimate chapter of Red Daughter (assuming you choose to ignore the out of context, odd characterization of Supergirl's Doomed appearances).

This issue included Supergirl coming home, fighting the Diasporans, and learning that the head Diasporan was actually World Killer 1. Pretty good second to last chapter, progressing the story and taking us to a place where a satisfying conclusion could be reached.

Sales remained relatively stable. Supergirl remained the 104 ranked book in sales, dropping about 300 units in sales from last month's 22783.

She seems to be in pretty decent company down there. At nearly 3 years in, she is selling as well as such touted newbies as Aquaman and the Others, Elektra, and New Vampirella.

But sales are still slipping, maybe slowly, showing the resilience of Supergirl's fans.

I truly hope that DC does some publicity for the new direction of the book. They certainly are doing that for the new Batgirl just around the corner.

Supergirl also stars in Justice League United. It is still fresh out of the gates with a nice mix of characters and a stellar creative team of Jeff Lemire, Mike McKone, and Dexter Vines.

This book is clicking on all cylinders and selling briskly at 62K. I am hoping that a strong Supergirl in this book might lead to some cross-pollination towards her new book. United is one of my favorite books right now so I am thrilled to see it selling well.

Can't wait to see the 'new' Supergirl.


Thomas Hayes said...

Supergirl's audience is indeed resilient. Considering how quickly some other DC books are faring it's holding up well - look at how many orders GL:New Guardians has lost, it's behind Red Lanterns now (also holding up well).

Are you shocked that Elektra's orders have dropped off that quickly? It's lost more than half it's orders in two issues! And in fact this seems to be a pattern with the new Marvel books, they really don't have much staying power. Ms. Marvel is doing pretty well - I'm very glad about that - but Captain Marvel on the other hand dropped below the sales of the previous volume with its second issue! I expect Elektra to ship fewer units than Supergirl in July, and I'd wager Captain Marvel will drop below Supergirl at some point - I give it about 4 months.

Bartiemus said...

I really wish Comixolgy realised there sales numbers a small drop off like this could easily be made up there. DC keep on saying digital is growing all the time.

I'm glad her book has been more or less stable for the last year given how often DC cancel books I still fear for her book but she is he only teen with her own book and one of only six female led books so hopefully that gives her some staying power.