Saturday, April 20, 2013

More Channel 52 Misinformation

After reading Supergirl #19 I was thrilled that Supergirl and Power Girl worked together to fight a common enemy and help each other. It was a welcome change from the usual darker stuff we have seen in the New 52.

Then I read the Channel 52 promotion at the end of the issue and discovered that DC still doesn't know how to market this book. Or care to market it correctly.

You might recall I had a hard time with a prior Channel 52 which talked about Supergirl as being a furious and out of control. Now this week it talks about Supergirl 'battling' another Supergirl.

So despite not one punch being thrown at each other, DC wants to market this issue as having a fight between Supergirl and Power Girl ... a fight I might add that many were happy not to see.

It once again shows that DC doesn't want to trust what its creators are doing. Or doesn't know how it wants to present Supergirl. They still keep shoving that angry isolated girl in our face even when stories don't hold it up.

Also, while I love Freddie Williams III art, the Power Girl costume he drew never even made it into the first issue of Worlds' Finest. That's the original Perez design that was scrapped.

I do like Vartox' character and his obsession with Power Girl as a running gag.

Anyways, for anyone who read this promotional piece and thought there would be a fight, I am sure they were disappointed. And for me, I read the issue and was glad there wasn't a fight but then read this and was disappointed.


Gear said...

Those promotionals seem to be as accurate most of the time as the solicits, but with a little humor thrown in. I suppose it's possible they get affected by last minute editorial changes and miscommunication too. But you're so right Anj, I doubt anyone who had recently drifted away from Supergirl or Worlds' Finest, or any new readers for that matter, would be tempted to pick the book up based on there being yet another fight between the lead characters.

Anonymous said...

And yet still more accurate than an actual news network.

tony said...

Anj this is supposed to be a news report, not DC itself, im sure they are supoosed to get it wrong and be as stupid as the real news is. And the pic of PG could have been a artists interpration for the network, not a actual pic of her.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of covers from the Turner era that featured Supergirl and Power Girl fighting or Supergirl standing over an unconscious Power Girl. I read those issues and never actually saw that happen.

Anj said...

Thanks for the comments.

I do think that DC wants these to be publicity pieces for books, trying to entice readers to try something new. As such, I don't think they should be misleading, even if some news shows get things wrong.

The effect on me has been to not count on these things to tell me anything about books and not rely on it to grab my attention.