Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Preview Of Action Comics #19

With Grant Morrison's Action finale around the corner, DC has released a brief 5 page preview of the new creative team - writer Andy Diggle and artist Tony Daniel.

Diggle has said a lot of good things about his thoughts on Superman as a character and these pages seem to confirm that. These are brief statements but they hold a lot of power.

'I don't like bullies.' Some old school Smallville wisdom there.

In Superman and even in Justice League, this Superman has been a bit of a bully, floating over everyone, reading people's texts, etc.

Superman isn't a bully. He doesn't like them.

'I'm here to protect, not to provoke.' One of the simplest statements about the character is that he is here to help. In the current DCU, everyone seems to be worried that he wants to take over. People should know he is here to protect.

This also is a good message. He won't start trouble but he'll end it. Again, he is here to help not be a vanguard for an invasion, not as a despot in waiting. He shouldn't be feared.

The art is pretty slick. Big moments need big art. Splash pages of Superman declaring some personal truths and demolishing giant robots is pretty big. Taking over the book after Morrison is an even bigger moment. Diggle and Daniels need to show people they are ready to fill in those big shoes. Something (literally) splashy like this works.

I recently heard that Diggle might not be too keen on Lois and I think that is a shame. We need Lois in this universe! But at least he seems to have a handle on Superman here.

I can't wait to see what is ahead.

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